Thursday, October 10, 2013

TMC-Police Reign of Terror on the Eve of Festivals in West Bengal

While the entire state has geared up for the Autumnal festivals, it has witnessed a series of brutal killings over the last week of CPI(M) workers. The TMC-Police reign of terror has perpetrated series of open killing across the state. The ruling Trinamool Congress backed by the state police has unleashed the terror activities to kill left leaders and workers to thwart the left movement. Police killed an agricultural labourer Binod Bauri at Indpur, Bankura on 7th October, whereas the Trinamool Congress hooligans killed Party Zonal Committee leader Com. Kartick Mondal in Katoa, Burdwan on 6th October. On the same day Com. Ashadul Sheikh, brother of Ramzan Sheikh, was killed in Chapra, Nadia. Ramzan had contested a School Committee election in Chapra where Police finally arrested Ramzan Sheikh instead of detaining the actual murderers. Again on 8th October 2013, Com. Bharat Naskar, aged 76, was killed in Kultuli, South 24 Parganas by TMC goons. At a time when the Chief Minister of the state is busy inaugurating puja pandals, the goons of her party and the police are ensuring that for CPI(M) workers in various districts, the festivals are marked by terror and killing instead of festivities.

Katoa, Burdwan

Local people of Katoa have taken a vow to stand by the Red flag at the last rite of Katoa Zonal Committee leader Com. Kartick Mondal. Last Sunday (6th October) Com. Kartick Mondal (64) was killed by the Trinamool Congress hooligans when he was returning home after a meeting from Burdwan. The Trinamool miscreants brutally killed Com. Mondal with sharp weapons near his house at village Deyasin, Katoa. According to the people it was a pre-planned operation where even police reached after two long hours of the brutal incident from just 4 kilometers distant local police station. Local Puspa Bag said that ‘we reported to the police about the murderers, we all know them. They have not left home. Police must search their houses. We want peace in the village and police to do their job. But if they are not arrested, we would launch bigger movement’.

Meanwhile the last rite of Com. Kartick Mondal was hugely attended by local people and party leadership. CPI(M) Burdwan Secretary Amal Halder, Party State Committee member Achintya Mullick and other party leaders like Anju Kar, Anjan Chatterjee, Duryodhan Sar, Uday Sarkar Tapan Konar, Sadhana Mallick, Subrata Bhowal, Sudipta Bagchi, Tamal Maji, Shiekh Badroja, MLA Shahjahan Choudhury, Forward Bloc leader Madhabi Das, Shyamalendu Banerjee paid their homage to Kartick Mondal.

Indpur, Bankura

For contesting a School Committee election Police unleashed a massive lathicharge to kill agricultural labourer Binod Bauri (55) in Indpur Bankura. Local witnesses had confirmed that during massive lathicharge Binod Bauri was killed at the front of his residence. Police however did not even allow postmortem of the body and forced his family to cremate. No doctor has even issued a death certificate mentioning the proper reason of death. However in Boga School Committee election despite such terror progressive candidates bagged two seats out of total six. CPI(M) Indpur Zonal Committee Secretary Sunil Goswamy attended the funeral where local people expressed their concern and protest against such brutal killing and inhuman act of police.

Chapra, Nadia

In an almost same incident centering a School Committee election Ashadul Sheikh was killed by the Trianmool Congress hooligans. His house was set on fire and the whole family was ousted from the village. Ashadul’s brother Ramzan Sheikh was a left progressive candidate in a local high School Committee election. TMC hooligans openly killed Ashadul and Police did not allow burying the body locally. The family members including his little daughters were admitted burnt in a local hospital. Police instead of detaining the perpetrators arrested his brother Ramzan Sheikh. Ashadul’s wife Sabina Bibi lodged a FIR against 22 Trinamool miscreants including Arshad Gharami. Police however did not take any action. CPI(M) Nadia Secretary Sumit Dey exclaimed saying that ‘what is there more brutal than this incident!! Family members are ousted from village, little daughters are admitted in hospital, brother Ramzan Sheikh has been arrested. Police and the ruling party have merged together. Is it democracy?’ The locality however observed a successful bandh called by the Left Front.

Kultuli, South 24 Pargana

Com. Bharat Naskar was a Local Committee member of CPI(M) Kultuli-North Local Committee. He was the person who organized the people against the TMC goons and ensured that the CPI(M) wins the Kundkhali Godavar Gram Panchayat. He was also a prime eye witness to the murder of Com. Ichha Gayen, killed by TMC goons on August 25, 2012. In order to take revenge of the defeat in the local Panchayat and eliminate the key witness in the murder case Com. Bharat Naskar, a 76 year old man, was brutally murdered by TMC goons on 8th October 2013. Sujan Chakraborty, District Secretary of South 24 Pargana District Committee of CPI(M) demanded immediate arrest and punishment to the perpetrators of the murder. He also said that the TMC killed Comrade Naskar to avenge the defeat in the local Panchayat. The CPI(M) has called for a 12 hour bandh in the Kultuli Police Station area protesting against the gruesome murder. The brutality of Comrade Naskar’s murder has shocked the local residents. Many have reported that Comrade Naskar was attacked with sharp weapons and guns by a group of 17-18 TMC goons. Comrade Naskar died on the spot.

These series of violence against CPI(M) activists and leaders is the latest in the continuing violence against the party since the TMC assumed office in the state. It only shows the diabolic and anti-democratic politics of the TMC. The people of the state have to unite to defeat such murderous politi

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