Thursday, October 16, 2014

Polit Bureau Communiqué

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) met in New Delhi on October 13 & 14, 2014. It has issued the following statement:
Jammu & Kashmir Floods
The floods in Jammu & Kashmir have created unprecedented devastation. Even five weeks after the disaster people in many areas have not received any relief. The compensation announced by the state government of Rs. 70,000 for a completely destroyed pucca house and Rs. 15,000 for partially damaged houses is too inadequate. It is essential that the J & K floods be declared a national calamity and the relief and rehabilitation package be decided accordingly. The CPI(M) decided to complete its fund collection for the relief and rehabilitation work. Rs. 50 lakhs have been raised so far.
Cyclone Hudhud
The Polit Bureau called for effective relief and rehabilitation measures for all those affected by the Hudhud cyclone which has struck three districts of Andhra Pradesh – Vishakhapatnam, Vijayanagaram and Srikakulam – along with Ganjam district in Odisha. The Central government must assist in all possible ways to see that communication and infrastructure are restored and for a complete return to normal life.
Outcome of PM Visit to US
The Polit Bureau took serious note of the fact that the United States has sought to pressurize India on the Indian Patent law and Intellectual Property Rights policy. It also sought the dilution of the civil nuclear liability law of the country. Both these are reflected in the joint statement issued by Prime Minister Modi and President Obama. The joint statement announced the decision to set up an Intellectual Property Working Group. The US pharmaceutical companies have been demanding that India dilute its present patent regime which has utilised the flexibilities provided in the TRIPS agreement. It is this which helps to keep drug prices low for the people in India.
The Polit Bureau demanded that the Modi Government not resile from the existing patent law and IPR regime. No changes should be brought without public discussion and being debated in parliament.
The joint statement also provides for setting up Contact Groups to discuss liability issues in the nuclear reactors sales. The Polit Bureau reiterated that the provisions of the civil nuclear liability law are in the interests of the safety and security of the people of India and should not be diluted in any way.
The Polit Bureau strongly opposed the decision to go in for renewal of the Indo-US Defence Framework Agreement for another 10 years. Such a long term defence collaboration agreement with the United States is uncalled for and is not in the interests of India’s strategic autonomy and independent foreign policy.
Reduce Oil Prices
There has been a sharp fall in the international prices of oil. At present, crude oil price has gone below $ 90 per barrel. Despite this, the Modi government has not reduced the prices of diesel at any stage. The retail price of petrol also needs to be reduced further.
The Polit Bureau demands an immediate cut in the petroleum prices. 
Curtailment of MNREGA
The Modi government has taken steps to curtail and restrict the rural employment guarantee Act. The government move is to restrict the employment guarantee scheme to selected districts and blocks. This will go against the Act which provides for universal coverage in the rural areas. Secondly, the move is to change the ratio between material and wages. This will bring down the wage component and reduce the availability of the scheme and open the way for contractors.
The Polit Bureau reiterated the call to conduct a countrywide campaign against the moves to curtail the employment guarantee Act and calls upon the Party and various mass organisations to conduct struggles to see that the scheme is implemented in full in the rural areas.
Review Report
The Polit Bureau finalised the draft Review Report on the Political-tactical line. This will be placed for discussion in the next meeting of the Central Committee to be held from October 26 to 29, 2014.

Monday, October 6, 2014

CPI (M) candidates for Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha Elections, 2014

Sl No District Name of the constituency Name of the candidate
1 Solapur Solapur City Central Narsayya Adam
2 Palghar Dahanu (ST) Barkya Mangat
3 Palghar Vikramghad (ST) Ratan Budhar
4 Palghar Palghar (ST) Chandrakant Vartha
5 Palghar Boisar (ST) Heena Vanga
6 Thane Shahapur (ST) Suresh Tandel
7 Nashik Kalvan (ST) J. P. Gavit
8 Nashik Dindori (ST) Adv. Dattu Padavi
9 Nashik Nashik West D. L. Karad
10 Jalna Partur Maroti Khandare
11 Nanded Kinwat Arjun Ade
12 Beed Parali Uttam Mane
13 Parbhani Pathri Vilas Babar
14 Nandurbar Shahada (ST) Jaysingh Mali
15 Ahmednagar Akole (ST) Namdev Bhangare
16 Kolhapur Ichalkaranji Sada Malabade
17 Kolhapur Hatkanangale (SC) Bharma Kamble
18 Mumbai Bhandup West Hemkant Samant
19 Mumbai Andheri West K. Narayanan
20 Chandrapur Ballarpur Rameshchander Dahiwade

Reduce Diesel Prices

The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) registers its protest over the refusal of the government and the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) to reduce the price of diesel, despite the fall in crude oil prices in the international market.
Price of Brent crude, the global oil price benchmark has fallen below $92 a barrel.  It is reported that the OMCs are earning Rs. 1.90 on every litre of diesel as `over recovery’.
While the government had directed OMCs to increase 50 paise per litre every month from January 2013, no reduction has been done in diesel price despite the fall in crude oil prices.  Through this inaction, government is burdening the people in general and especially the farmers, small scale industries and the goods transport sector.
The CPI(M) demands that the price of diesel be immediately reduced  considering the big fall in crude oil prices.

NIA Investigate Khagragarh Blast

The explosion in Khagragarh, near Burdwan town in West Bengal, which killed two persons involved in bomb making, is a very serious issue.  There are sufficient grounds to believe that extremist elements are involved.  The concerned house is owned by a Trinamool Congress worker and it is alleged that a TMC office used to function from the garage in the house.
The way in which the Burdwan Superintendent of Police and other state police officials have dealt with the incident has raised doubts and questions.
It is essential, therefore, that the investigation into the incident be handed over to the National Intelligence Agency as this concerns the country’s security. No effort should be spared to uncover the forces behind the bomb-making centre.

Khagragarh Blast Incident Indicates the Chances of Coming More Violent and Difficult Days: Biman Basu

 Trinamool Congress and Soft Communalism

The Khagragarh blast incident indicates the chances of coming more violent and difficult days in the state, and the ruling Trinamool Congress can't overrule its own responsibility for creating the space for such a grave situation in West Bengal, says Left Front Chairman Biman Basu while addressing the press. He clearly stated that the Left Front has time again alerted about the rise of communal forces in the state but for Trinamool Congress and its soft communal attitude has provided necessary space to both forms of communalism in the state that finally allows the insurgent forces to do enough massacre in the state. Left Front is of strong opinion that the rise of majority communalism also aggravates the rise of minority fundamentalism

Police to Suppress the TMC Association Evidence

On the issue of mopping up evidences of TMC association with the blast incident Biman Basu while expressing serious concern said that 'the ruling Trinamool Government is trying to mop up all evidences that establish close TMC association is a matter of great concern. We the Left Front strongly demand immediate revelation of all facts and information. We want all nodal Government investigating agencies to work independently without any obstacle.

Trinamool Association with the Incident

The more danger fact is to note that the incident has a connection with the ruling Trinamool Congress. The owner and the tenant all are politically associated with Trinamool Congress. Trinamool Congress has its office at the ground floor of that building; the party signboard was hastily removed immediate after the blast. Moreover the District Police administration has initially occluded the NIA officers to investigate the place. Police even intercepted the working Journalists and Media Persons to organize their work. The people of West Bengal must know what for Trinamool Congress and Police are creating obstacle to the NIA investigation. Why the Government is sitting so idle? It is known fact that Trinamool Congress MP has a direct connection with Fundamentalist Jamat. We therefore demand the revelation of all facts regarding Khagragarh blast