Tuesday, August 19, 2014


The atrocities of the TMC in Bengal on CPIM workers reached a new low when TMC workers committed the most horrific violence against COMRADE G.GIRI a 47 year old woman comrade in Sunia village in Contai East Midnapur She was dragged out of her home, badly beaten, stripped,paraded in the village, gangraped and then murdered.

A group of about 15 TMC goons turned up at the victim's house on Sunday morning, led by Debashis Bhunia, who is a Karmadhaksha of Deshapran Block, as well as Block Yuva President of the Trinamool. They demanded that she bring her husband and son back to the village otherwise she has to pay a penalty of Rs 15 lakh.

Her husband Byomkesh Giri is a Local Committee member of the party who was forced to leave his home along with his son in 2011 after the Assembly elections. Her son was unable to sit for the last HS examination.She had to stay on because of her job as an ICDS worker.
When she expressed her inability to pay the fine, they committed these atrocities.

At the call of the CPIM protest rallies were held all over the State.Party State Committee members and State AIDWA office bearers Minati Ghosh and Rekha Goswami rushed to the village.They found the villagers terror stricken. Women with tears in their eyes with folded hands told the leaders that they were too scared to say what they had seen as they would also be attacked.

A road block was held till the police assured the protesters of swift action.
However there are reports that the police is trying to cover up the actual incidents and manufacturing their own version. Organize Join Protests Against this Horrific Attack.