Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thousands of Israelis protest the Gaza war in Tel-Aviv

Some 7,000 Israelis on Saturday evening protested the war in Gaza under the banner: “No more deaths – Israeli-Palestinian peace, now.” The protest took place in Rabin Square in central Tel Aviv. Slogans chanted by the protesters included “Stop the war,” “Bring the soldiers back home” and “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies.”

Speakers included Hadash MK Dov Khenin; an Israeli and Palestinian veteran from the organization Combatants for Peace, Yifat Solel, the head of the Meretz party’s anti-occupation forum; Professor Eva, President of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design; author Odeh Bisharat, former Hadash secretary and Dr. Julia Chaitlin, a lecturer at Sapir Academic College in Sderot and resident of kibbutz Urim, near Gaza. A member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Israel, and union organizer, Alon-Lee Green was the presenter. Channel 2 noted that left-wing Zionist party Meretz as well as the Peace Now organization had opted not to take part in the rally.

Ben Kfir of the Parents’ Circle, whose daughter was killed in a Hamas suicide bombing in 2003, also spoke, refuting the government’s claim that there is no partner for peace among the Palestinians. The speakers criticized the government for its attitude toward peace negotiations, and for resorting to war as a default policy. Demonstrators called for an end to the occupation and the siege on Gaza, and lit candles to commemorate the victims.

Roughly 300 extreme right-wing counter-protesters were on the scene trying to sabotage the main demonstration. A large police presence circled the square in order to keep the sides separate. Eight were arrested.

The invitation to the peace protest read: “On Saturday, the peace camp takes a stand at Rabin Square. The war is taking a heavy toll in lives and injuries on both sides, in destruction and horror, in bombings and rockets. We answer this by taking a stand and making a demand: end the war now!”

“We must end the war and start talking with the recognized Palestinian leadership of the West Bank and Gaza to end the occupation and the siege and to achieve independence and justice for both peoples – in Israel and Palestine.”

“Instead be being drawn, again and again, into more wars and more military actions, it is now time to lead the way to dialogue and a political settlement. There is a political solution. What price must we pay – the people of the South and the other residents of Israel, and the people of Gaza and the West Bank – until we reach that solution? Together, Jews and Arabs, we will overcome occupation and war, hatred, incitement and racism – and offer a path to life and hope.”

Memorandum submitted by the four Left Parties to the Honourable Punjab Governor.

A Delegation of four Left Parties, the CPI, CPI(M) , CPM Punjab and CPI( ML) Liberation met Honourable Punjab Governor and submitted him a Memorandum requesting him to not to give his assent to the Black Bill ' THE PUNJAB PREVENTION OF DAMAGE TO PUBLIC AND PRIVATE PROPERTIES BILL-2014' got passed in the Punjab Assembly by the Akali- BJP coalition government. This bill bans all types protests, march, demonstration and strikes etc without prior permission against the government for genuine and justified demands of the people.
This bill was earlier also passed in the year 2010 but was withdrawn in 2011 under pressure of strong protests from the public.

A copy of the Memorandum submitted by the four Left Parties to the Honourable Punjab Governor.

His Excellency, Shri Shiv Raj Patil,
Governor of Punjab,

Subject : Request for not giving assent to ‘The Punjab Prevention of Damage to Public And Private Property Bill – 2014 ‘ adopted by Punjab vidhan Sabha.

Honourable Sir,
With due regards the four Left parties: Punjab State units of CPI, CPI(M), CPM Punjab and CPI (M-L) Liberation wish to submit to your kind honour as below on the above cited subject for your kind consideration and favourable action.
* That the Punjab Assembly has adopted a Bill ‘The Punjab Prevention of Damage to Public and Private Property Bill- 2014.’ The bill has been submitted to your office for your assent.
* That provisions of this bill are an attack on the fundamental democratic political rights and liberties of the people provided under Article 19 of the Indian Constitution. It curbs their voice of organized protest against the anti people policies of the government and other legitimate and genuine grievances, articulated by their organisations.
* That it may be recalled that this draconian bill was got passed by the Akali- BJP Government in the Assembly on October 12, 2010 also. But following strong public protests, it was withdrawn in the Assembly on October 9, 2011 while it was still at the stage of ratification by the Honourable President.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

CPIM P.B. Communiqué

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) met in New Delhi on July 19 & 20, 2014. It has issued the following statement:
Attack on Gaza
The Polit Bureau strongly condemned the Israeli military attack on Gaza. The aerial bombardment followed by the ground invasion of Gaza for the past nearly two weeks has led to the death of 386 Palestinians. The brutal and indiscriminate violence has killed more than 60 children. Israel has been subjecting the occupied territories and the people of Palestine to continuous violence and this is the third attack on Gaza in the last six years. The United States of America has supported the military action taken by Israel.
The Polit Bureau strongly criticized the BJP government for refusing to condemn the Israeli aggression. Earlier the Ministry of External Affairs had issued a statement equating both sides as responsible for the violence. The government’s attempt to avoid a discussion in the Rajya Sabha is most objectionable.
The Polit Bureau demanded an immediate halt to the Israeli attack and the withdrawal of all its forces from the territory of Gaza.
Modi Government’s Economic Policies
During the nearly two months of the Narendra Modi government, it has become clear that the government will adopt policies for the benefit of big business and international finance capital. The direction of the Union Budget for 2014-15 is to provide concessions to the corporates and the upper classes at the expense of the poorer sections. It is a trajectory for significant privatization of the economy through large-scale sale of public sector shares and greater reliance on public-private partnership. The fiscal deficit will be reined in only by expenditure cuts and squeezing the people further.
The railway budget has proposed FDI in the railway sector and reliance on the PPP model for its future development. Prior to the budget passenger fares were hiked by 14.2 per cent and freight charges by 6.5 per cent. Periodic passenger and freight charges will be determined by the fuel price index as decided earlier by the UPA government.
The CPI(M) is opposed to the increase of FDI in defence production to 49 per cent. Foreign arms companies getting a controlling stake in the defence production enterprises will be detrimental to national sovereignty. Entry of US arms companies into this sector will only lead to further dependence on the United States for India’s strategic interests. The CPI(M) is strongly opposed to the proposals for further disinvestment of shares in nationalised banks and the proposed massive disinvestment in the shares of public sector enterprises. All these steps are being taken to appease Indian big business and international finance capital.
Price Rise and Inflation
The Modi government’s failure to curb price rise has been exposed within a short time. The government is pursuing the same policy of deregulation of petroleum prices. Petrol prices were increased by Rs. 1.69 per litre and diesel had been raised by Rs. 0.50 in May and June. Railway freight fares have been hiked steeply. All this has contributed to the price rise of essential commodities and there is no let up in the food inflation.
Dilution of Labour Laws
The government has announced its intention to bring in labour law reforms. Already the BJP government in Rajasthan has proposed amendments to the Industrial Disputes Act, Contract Labour Act and Factories Act. The changes proposed do away with existing safeguards for workers in the case of retrenchment, rights of contract workers and so on.
The CPI(M) is totally opposed to any dilution or doing away with the rights and safeguards provided to workers which are in the existing labour laws. Many of the provisions in these laws are not being implemented. The CPI(M) will mobilize the working class to oppose all such changes which are detrimental to the rights of workers.
Appointment of Governors
The Polit Bureau cricitised the manner in which Governors are being changed and new ones appointed. The BJP is misusing the office of Governors for its narrow partisan ends just as the Congress has been doing in the past.
It is wrong on the part of the Central government to appoint a Governor in a state without consulting the Chief Minister. The Polit Bureau reiterated that the Central Government should adhere to the principle that a Governor should be appointed after consultation with the Chief Minister of the state concerned.
Tripura Panchayat Elections
The Polit Bureau congratulated the CPI(M) and the Left Front in Tripura for the sweeping victory in the three tier panchayat election. The Left Front has gained a majority in more than 95 per cent of the gram panchayats; 97.6 per cent of the panchayat samitis and 99 per cent of the zilla parishad seats. The Polit Bureau greeted the people of Tripura who have reposed their faith in the CPI(M) and the Left Front in such a spectacular fashion.
Party Conferences
The Polit Bureau discussed the time table of holding the Party conferences in the run-up to the Party Congress. These will be placed before the next Central Committee meeting for finalization

Thursday, July 17, 2014

CPIM anti-Israel protest rally in Jammu Kashmir

Stating that military aggression in Palestine has unveiled the real face of Israel that is on forefront of State terrorism in the world, CPI (M) State Secretary Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami has said blockade of Gaza Strip under the garb specifically prohibited goods is virtually aimed at the genocide of its local populace.

Addressing a protest rally organized by the CPI (M) workers in Shopian, Tarigami said that it is not the military strikes alone that are killing the innocent Palestinian civilians including defenseless women and children but Israel is prohibiting supply of essential commodities in Gaza which is actually aimed at genocide of Palestinian citizens.

While strongly condemning Israel’s military aggression in Gaza the CPI (M) leader condemned the approach of United Nations Security Council that under the influence of USA did not bother to pass a resolution of condemnation against Israel. “The criminal silence adopted by many dictatorial countries in the Arab world also deserves an equal condemnation as their creepy silence has exposed their tacit support to Israeli barbaric aggression in Gaza,” he added.

Tarigami said that the heinous aggression in Gaza has dangerous repercussions for the entire Middle East and the latest ceasefire efforts   by Egypt to end the hostilities were a half hearted exercise which has further vitiated the situation in the region. He said it is lamentable that the Arab countries, especially Egypt, have failed to stop the Israeli aggression and its illegal blockade on Gaza. “It is a simple war crime for which Israel should be taken to International Court of Justice.”

While stressing on a need to form an international solidarity movement to help Palestinians trapped in Israeli barbarism, the CPI (M) leader demanded that Indian Parliament should adopt a resolution for condemnation of Israeli military action in Gaza and the resulting bloodbath in the region. “The international community should actively intervene to stop the Israeli aggression as the Israeli actions violate international laws and obstruct peace efforts in the region,” Tarigami observed.

Earlier hundreds of activists from CPI (M) and the locals of Shopian took out a peaceful protest march in Shopian that culminated in the Main Chowk Shopian. The protesters raised anti-Israel slogans condemning atrocities on innocent Palestinians.
The rally was also addressed by senior CPI(M) leaders Gh Nabi Malik, Gh Rasool Ganie, Ab Khaliq, Mohd Afzal Parry and youth leaders Arshid Hussain Baba and Ab Rashid

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CITU General Council Meeting at Bellary

Resolution against Continuing Attacks on the People of West Bengal and in Solidarity to Struggles against such Attacks
 The General Council meeting of CITU being held on 11-14 July 2014 at Bellary, Karnataka expresses serious concern on the continuing phenomenon of severe attacks and intimidations  on our comrades and also con the common people  in West Bengal by the TMC led goons and antisocial elements since last 37 months since May 2011 and also in the run up to the election campaign and even after declaration of election results. During this period more than 157 Left and CITU activists were killed and the number is increasing every day.  Thousands were physically attacked and injured by the physical onslaught by the TMC goons with the police administration aiding and abetting such attacks and onslaughts. Even after declaration of election results on 16th May 2014 such attacks and intimidation have been continuing in full steam and 12 comrades including two women were murdered. Several thousands are ousted from their areas of work and residence. More than 15000 comrades and activists have been implicated in false cases and many of them were even jailed for months together having been booked on non-bailable cases. Molestation and rape of woman by TMC hoodlums have become almost a frequent happenings in the state. Latest has been the brutal rape of one anganwadi worker by TMC miscreant at Nadia district on 7th July 2014 and it is the same district where the TMC MP had given open threat to get women raped by his men a few days before such dastardly incident of rape.   The Police has been actively patronising such attacks shamelessly. After the declaration of election result, intensity of such attack has increased targeting the working people, both in towns and rural areas. Livelihood of the people are being attacked by way of ousting thousands of small farmers from their land;  evicting contract workers in thousands in several industries and replacing them with new set of workers with lower wages in connivance with the contractors; blockading functioning of numerous small cooperatives and self-help groups through terrorand violence; and even forcibly closing down small shops and similar small businesses through violence and extortions—all designed to maintain an atmosphere of terror and fear among the people at large and prevent any opposition to the reign of extortion and loot by the TMC goons with the active support of administration.  The main purpose behind such attack is to sustain an atmosphere of terror maiming all kinds of dissent and protest against such beastly misrule of the TMC Govt as well as the anti-social and anti-people activities of the miscreants under their shelter. And the basic aim is to marginalise and eliminate Left, it being the only potential opponent to the regime of loot and plunder under stewardship of thecorporates either through TMC in West Bengal or through BJP at the centre.
 The democratic right of holding meetings, rallies etc are being sought to be denied to the Left parties and even other trade unions and mass organisations. Also many non-political progressive organisations are being obstructed to have their activities involving mass of the public. Refusal of permission by the police administration to hold public meeting, even hall meetings and using mike throughout the state at the instigation of TMC has become almost a regular affair. Even labour department officials are being directed by the TMC Govt or their cohorts not to respond to the complaints or grievances raised by the trade unions and not even call conciliation meetings. Massive corruption, irregularities, nepotism, and anarchy in every segment of social life and governance being openly practiced by the TMC brigade is continuing and entire administration has been working overtime to ensure that nobody can raise their voice against such anarchy and hoodlumism. In fact total abrogation of all democratic rights of the people to collectively voice concerns and dissent had been the project of the ruling party in the state and that has gained momentum after the 16th Lok Sabha election. 
CITU and other mass organization of the Left parties have been bravely combating such situation while carrying on their organized opposition and protest against such anarchic regime and denial of democratic rights to common people by the TMC regime and their virtually lumpen-led administration. Other trade unions like HMS, AICCTU and INTUC etc are also joining protest against such attacks and onslaught on democratic rights.
The General Council meeting of CITU, while condemning such lumpen-raj in West Bengal, expresses full support and solidarity with the struggle by CITU, other mass organizations and the Left parties and  demands upon the state Govt in West Bengal to put a stop attack and onslaught on the Left parties, trade unions and mass organizations forthwith. CITU calls upon working people and trade unions all over the country to organize solidarity action and campaign against the ongoing brutalities by the fascistic lumpen-led TMC regime on the democratic people of West Bengal.   
Resolution on Union Budget 2014-15
The General Council meeting of CITU being held on 11-14 July 2014 at Bellary, Karnataka denounces the anti-people Budget (2014-15) of the Narendra Modi Government. The Union Budget (2014-15) is an exercise in piloting large scale FDI-PPP mode in the financial and policy governance of the country under BJP rule. It followed the same policy trajectory deregulation, privatization and corporate-orientation so long followed by its predecessor the UPA Govt which has been rejected by the people in election. And pursuit of these policies by UPA has landed the national economy in gloom with dwindling growth rate, continuing inflationary spiral and aggravating unemployment.  The Budget has set in motion the process of betrayal of the promise for “so called good days” made by Modi in his election campaign. The Finance Minister has said in his Budget speech, “ these are only the first steps and are directional.”
The Finance Minister, just three days before the presentation of his Budget spoke in Rajya Sabha on 7th July 2014 while replying to debate on “price rise” that any exercise in containing fiscal deficit through cutting down expenditure will lead to contraction of the economy in a situation of already dwindling growth rate of sub-5 per cent. He repeated the same statement orally in Lok Sabha while presenting the Budget. But while making high sounded commitment and promises for all round growth in his budget speech, in actual budgetary exercise, the Finance Minister meticulously practiced the same route of drastically cutting down central plan outlay on almost all heads impacting common people like Agriculture, rural development, Transport, General Economic Services and Social Services etc. The Ministries of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation, Human Resource Development and the Department of School Education and Literacy in particular and Women & Child Development also faced a drastic cut in allocation of funds. The share of SCs and STs in plan expenditure is kept far below (by Rs 47000 crore) the stipulation of planning commission guidelines based on proportion of population. Therefore, the first budget of the Modi Govt took off engineering a deceit on the people.
On the other hand, the Budget has launched onslaught against various flagship welfare schemes. MGNREGA is going to be immediate target of attack due to the policy pronouncement in the Budget that State Governments will have to spend two-third of the revenue transferred in ‘capital asset creation.’ Also a move is afoot to turn the right based employment guarantee legislation into just a welfare scheme with no guarantee in employment.
While engineering a drastic cut in expenditure on almost all heads impacting common people aimed at containing fiscal deficit, the budget remained reluctant in taking any action in arresting organized pilferage from public exchequer in the form of deliberate tax default by big corporate houses which reached a huge sum of Rs 4.18 lakh crore on account of corporate tax and income tax by the end of 2012-13 of which Rs 72901 crore is not under dispute. Rather the measures envisaged in the budgetary proposal to avoid dispute and litigation on tax claim are basically designed the defaulters a long hand to legitimize the default and pilferage from the public exchequer.
Added to this is the decision to constitute the Expenditure Management Commission to look into basically the subsidies for common people aiming at further deduction in the same. The Budget has already proposed a cut in subsidy on petroleum to the tune of Rs 22054 crore which would have a cascading effect on prices of all goods. And such cascading effect on prices of goods and services is going to be perpetual as the Budget announces total decontrol of diesel pricing before the end of current financial year.
Simultaneously, the budget reduced the direct tax leading to a revenue loss of Rs 22200 crore while increasing the indirect tax burden to the tune of Rs 7525 crore. And the manner the budgetary proposal extended liberalized concessions/reduction of customs and import duty on various heads, the additional revenue of Rs 7525 crore in indirect tax means a larger revenue on account of tax on domestic consumption goods to be borne by common people already reeling under continuing price-rise and mounting burden of unemployment and joblosses.  
The Budget has announced raising of FDI cap in defence and insurance sector from existing 26% to 49% musct to the detriment of the interests of national economy. The target for revenue from PSU divestment has been set at a huge amount of Rs.63,000 crore and the Finance Minister has announced that instead of earning dividend from PSUs they prefer divestment of Government equity in the PSUs. Number of measures have been incorporated in the Budget to actually weaken the public sector banks making them easy prey of privatization policy of the Government.
Budget while sounding high on promoting investment for boosting manufacturing sector, practically relied on good intention of the private investors through more liberal incentives and tax concessions. In an atmosphere of shrinking market and declining purchasing power of the people owing price-rise and industrial sickness, incentives and tax concessions cannot boost employment generating investment except causing revenue losses. Rather the measures announced in the budget for liberalization of tax regime on portfolio investment, transfer-pricing and mutual fund and steps envisaged for energizing capital market etc would attract flow of investment more towards speculative market than employment generating productive investment. That will definitely make the corporates and big business, both domestic and foreign, happier while common people will be left high and dry. 
In respect of almost all development expenditure including various infrastructural projects, the Budget relied more on PPP and FDI despite dismal performance and non-materialisation  of PPP during the previous regime. Rather, the Budget indicated further concessions/incentive to private players in the name of reducing rigidities and taking a more liberal approach.
On the whole, the first budget of the NDA Govt has basically turned out to be grossly anti-people in character promoting more aggressive loot by the corporate and big-business houses on the mass of the people. The General Council of CITU condemns such anti-people Budget and calls upon the working people and trade union movement to build united opposition to the said anti-people budget and related policies of deregulation, privatization for promoting corporate loot on the people.            
Resolution on Allocation under scheduled Castes Sub Plan
This meeting of the General Council of CITU being held in Bellary on 11 – 14 July 2014 strongly condemns the decline in the allocation for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes under the Scheduled Castes Sub Plan (SCSP) in the Union Budget placed by the Finance Minister in the Parliament.
The SCSP, one of the most important budgetary issues for Dalits was initiated 35 years ago, became necessary as the SCs were continuously denied their adequate share of government funds essential to meet their needs and improve their conditions. It mandates setting aside a proportion of the total Plan outlay of the Centre and state governments equivalent to the proportion of the SCs at the national and state levels, exclusively for their development. According to the Census 2011, SC population comprises 16.6% of the total population.
However, the total plan allocation in this Budget has declined in real terms by around 4%. Moreover the total share of SCs and STs in the total plan expenditure is falling short by Rs 47000 crores and Rs 14000 crores according to the Planning Commission guidelines based on the proportion of the population. It is also a matter of serious concern that what is being allocated is also not being spent. While Rs 41561.13 crores was allocated for SCSP in the Budget 2013 – 14, according to the Revised Estimates only Rs 35800.6 crores have been spent. There have been several instances of SCSP funds being diverted to entirely different uses like construction of flyovers, Commonwealth Games etc. The Twelfth Five Year Plan document itself had to admit that ‘The expenditure in many states/ UTs was not even 50% of the allocated funds. No proper budget heads/ sub heads were created to prevent diversion of funds. There was no controlling and monitoring mechanisms’
In order to ensure effective implementation of the SCSP, there is an urgent need to enact a national legislation to provide statutory backing to the provisions of the SCSP.
This General Council meeting demands that the government of India should
  • Enact a legislation providing statutory status to SCSP in this Budget session itself
  • The government should allocate 16.6% of Plan Outlays for the SCSP
  • Take effective measures to ensure that the funds are spent for the development of Dalits and are not diverted for other purposes and also that the funds are spent in time and are not allowed to lapse. 

Resolution on Israeli aggression on Palestine
The meeting of the General Council of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) at Bellary from 11th to 14th July expresses its anger and protest against the Israeli attack on Gaza. For more than one week Gaza is being bombarded by the Israeli armed forces killing more than 165 people including many children. The attacks are being targeted on the residential areas. Latest reports say that Israeli armed forces have begun invasion at ground level also and thousands are forced to flee. The whole region is under threat of escalation of war.
CITU condemns these attacks, which are in contravention of international lands. In the back ground of happenings in the middle-east region, these Zionist attacks by the closest ally of US imperialists will aggravate the situation.
The CITU demands the Govt. of India to condemn Israeli aggression on Palestine and take necessary steps to bring international pressure on aggressors.  CITU expresses solidarity with the people of Palestine and calls upon its affiliates and democratic movements to protest against the Zionist aggression.

Left parties protest across Tamilnadu against the anti people policies of NDA Government

The CPI, and the CPI(M) on Monday staged a demonstrations across TamilNadu in protest against the Annual Budget, and Railway Budget.

Though the Union budget directly hit the common man, the statements from major Dravidian parties welcoming the budget had come as a shock, said Communist Party of India (Marxist) State secretary G. Ramakrishnan said while inaugurating a demonstration held as part of State-wide agitation against the budget, he said the rail fare increase of 14 per cent was announced even before the railway budget. The government did not stop with that. In the general budget, the Finance Minister had chosen to encourage more FDI participation in key areas like defence. Similarly, the move to privatise banks and insurance sector was bound to affect the masses in the long run. The BJP had promised to introduce people-friendly measures during electioneering, but such a ‘U’ turn had only exposed its true face and colour.

When political parties like the CPI (M) had opposed it tooth and nail, the AIADMK, DMK, MDMK, PMK and the DMDK had hailed the budget. This had raised doubts over their commitment to common man, Mr. Ramakrishnan said, and charged that the BJP was simply following the Congress. Later, in a brief interaction with reporters, he demanded a CBI probe into Chennai Moulivakkam building collapse in which 61 lives were lost. Only a Central agency’s investigation would unravel the nexus among officials, politicians and builders, he added.

In Coimbatore P.R. Natarajan,while inaugurating the dharna said that the budget reflected the anti-poor, pro-rich approach of the Union Government.The government had twice raised the fuel prices, and had increased the train fare too. There would be a cascading effect on various commodities, and lead to inflation. The government had announced waiver of loans given to corporate companies. It had announced foreign direct investment in a number of sectors, which was against national interests, Mr. Natarajan said.
He said the DMK, and the AIADMK welcomed the budgets for other reasons and not based on merit. Leaders of both the parties were at the mercy of the Union Government for various reasons, he added.

In Udhagamandalam, a demonstration was held at the Independence Square on Monday. The CPI(M) district secretary, R. Badri, and the CPI district secretary, A. Bellie led the demonstrators.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Communist Party of Israel strongly condemns Israeli aggression in Gaza and rejects any attack on civilians

The Communist Party of Israel (CPI) expresses its strong resentment and condemnation to the vicious and murderous terrorist war that the government of Israel has been waging on the people of Gaza and on the Arab-Palestinian People at large in the last few days. Similarly, the CPI clearly and unequivocally rebukes the bombarding of Israeli civilians by Hamas and other organizations in Gaza Strip. In our view, such attacks are not only reprehensible but also counterproductive to the Palestinian cause itself, namely its just and legitimate aspiration to establish an independent state alongside the state of Israel, whose capital is East Jerusalem, on the borders of June 4th, 1967.

Despite our denunciation of any assault on population, the CPI emphasizes that the responsible for the current escalation and bloodshed is the government of Israel – its continuous rejection of any prospect for just peace, the massive killings and destruction it inflicts on Gaza, its total indifference for Palestinian life and wellbeing, and, above all, its everlasting deepening of Israeli occupation and colonization of the West Bank and East Jerusalem together with the inhuman blockade of Gaza.

As the CPI warned already a month ago, the real motivation of Netanyahu’s administration was never to achieve security for the people of Israel but solely to obstruct the Palestinian unity government and absolve itself from responsibility for the failure of the peace negotiations. We should now add that the present assault on Gaza also serves the Israeli government in yet another two ways: (1) it reconsolidates Netanyahu’s coalition in times of domestic unrest, hence helps Netanyahu in keeping his criminal government intact, and (2) it puts all questions of poverty, inequality, racism, sexism, and discrimination off the table, and marginalizes all struggles for social justice and democracy.

Everybody knows now that Netanyahu and his co-bullies in the government and the military were aware that the three young settlers were murdered on the very first day they were kidnapped. What was the cause of Israeli invasion and mass arrests in the West Bank if not to set the whole region in fire and promote the said goals?

The CPI reaffirms its last message and reemphasizes that the larger and most dangerous terrorism is the Israeli Occupation and all of its consequences and accompanying war crimes, including the separation wall, the siege and the colonial Settlements complex. History teaches us that every occupation begets the resistance of the occupied people. The international law guarantees the occupied people the right to resist the occupation by using legitimate means in its rightful struggle. The CPI reemphasizes its principled position against attacking civilians, and especially minors.

The CPI calls on progressive movements, human rights organizations, and all states worldwide, to organize events in solidarity with the Palestinian people, calling on the Israeli government to immediately cease the aggression against Gaza Strip and to halt its war crimes, and on Israeli government and Palestinian organizations alike to refrain from any attack on civilians.

No to War Crimes! No to Attack on Civilians! Lift Gaza Blockade! Down with the Occupation!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Leaders Pledge to Foster Left Unity while Commemorating Birth Centenary of Communist Legend Jyoti Basu

In this present prevailing condition when rightists groups are clamouring to carry forward the interest of corporates, only the Leftists are an alternative who can fight to establish the wellbeing of the poor toiling down trodden classes. To ensure the security and safety of the working class the leftists have to foster unity for which Jyoti Basu had devoted his life. This was the essence of the speech delivered on the occasion of the birth centenary celebration of the undaunted communist leader Jyoti Basu. Jyoti Basu Birth Centenary Celebration Committee had organized this solemn gathering on Tuesday, the 8th of July, 2014 at Nazrul Mancha in Kolkata. The occasion was enriched with the deliberations of eminent personalities from different spheres. Noted among them were political leaders Biman Basu, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, veteran leader Ashok Ghosh, Manju Kumar Mazumder, Kshiti Goswami, Ajizul Haque, eminent economist Prabhat Pattanaik, Ashok Mitra, former Speaker of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly Hasim Abdul Halim.

Left Front Chairman Biman Basu recollected in details how Jyoti Basu in spite of being brought up in an affluent family sacrificed his life and chose the thorny path to organize the working class and oppressed people. Had never craved for earthly belongings and had craved all through his life for the upliftment of the masses specially those who were subjected to the tyranny of the dominant classes. Nothing could deter him from the path of a worthy deserving communist and had always adhered to the dictates of the party as a true soldier. One has lots to learn from his life specially the young generation who are unaware of the times when leaders like Jyoti Basu held the banner in their hands to foster the Left Unity to give a worthy leadership in every critical political situation in India. He believed that implementation of true democracy could only bring respite to the poor working classes. For this to ensure empowerment at the grass root level he was the first to establish the three-tier panchayat system.

Biman Basu in this context stated that 'discipline is the very political aspect which Jyoti Basu walked through in his life. As a matter of fact it is a lesson for all of us how he restrained himself from any unwanted comment that could destabilise his party or the Left unity. One should pay true homage to such a leader of immense personality by pledging to carry the baton of left unity forward for which he had craved all his life. Biman Basu also mentioned the names of Snehangshu Acharya and Bhupesh Gupta – close associates of Jyoti Basu whose birth centenary are also in the offing.

Prabhat Pattanaik quantified Jyoti Basu as a man of varied qualities who always delivered himself to be a true communist. He was undoubtedly the most popular leader of this century. He said it is a matter of fact to reckon how not being a son of a farmer or not belonging to the village he could analyse their sufferings and proved himself to be a worthy leader to raise to such height of popularity. Trust was the very basis of the immense popularity. There was no delicacy in his behaviour. He cast a warning about the gospel of neoliberalism under whose ageist is on the rise the phenomenon of lumpen proletariats who are creating rackets endangering the essence of life. He spoke about the rise of fascist forces that are a threat to this country and emphasized the need for a Left consistent force who can only offer an alternative.

CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee spoke on the qualities of Jyoti Basu that made him an universal leader. He could culminate the struggle for existence of the farmers and the peasants amidst parliamentarian democracy. Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee stressed the need to unite the left and the secular forces otherwise it shall be difficult for the party to leap forward.