Saturday, December 27, 2014

Assam Protest Against Killings

The CPI(M) Assam State Committee organised  a protest march in Guwahati on December 24 against the barbaric terrorist killings in Assam. Hundreds of CPI(M) activists assembled near Guwahati Club.
Addressing the gathering State Secretary Uddhab Barman condemned the gruesome killing of innocent people in the district of Sonitpur and Kokrajhar on 23 December. He also strongly criticized the Assam state government for its repeated failure in providing security to the people of the State.
The activists took out a procession appealing to the people to stay united and foil the nefarious designs of these forces. The  procession culminated in a meeting near the Reserve Bank where Central Committee member Deben Bhattachariya  reiterated Party’s demand to provide adequate security to the people of Assam. He also appealed to the people to stand unitedly in this hour of crisis and defeat the conspiracies of the terrorist forces to provoke the people of Assam and instigate fratricidal clashes.
Protest actions were also organized in different districts of the state. These include Tezpur (Sonitpur District) Pathsala (Barpeta), Manikpur (Bongaigaon), Tihu (Nalbari), Rangia (Kamrup), where protest meetings and procession were organised.
A team of CPI(M) leaders which visited  the Sonajuli area near the Assam-Arunachal Border found total chaos and helplessness prevailing even 20 hours after the gruesome killings. CPI(M) activists are also playing an active role in organizing relief at the camp opened at Tinisuti area for the affected people in the locality

Monday, December 22, 2014

CPIM Manipur State Conference

CPIM Manipur State Conference of the was held at  Loushambam Yaima Hall in Soyam Satradhari Khul,Imphal, from December 15 - 17

The three day conference which began on December 15 was attended by elected delegates from branch, local and district committees, and guided   by CPI (M) central committee member Khagen Das, also the convenor of the Left Front in Tripura, who was assisted by Gautam Das, editor of Desher Khatha daily, the mouthpiece of the Tripura State Committee of the party, it added.

Khogen Das while inaugurating the conference emphasised on “the need for the left parties to strengthen its party organisations and mass fronts to challenge the onslaught of the BJP against the minority communities and working classes of the country, it said. Appealing the delegates to keep vigil against the communal and divisive forces in Manipur, Khogen Das cautioned the communal activities of the rightwing forces shouldn’t be allowed in the country for its unity and integrity. He concluded his address by expressing hope that the Manipur State unit of CPI(M) will be a pivoting force in the future struggle to defend the interest of the working class and toiling people of Manipur, it added.

The State Conference also elected a 13 member new State Committee and 3 permanent invitees.Sarat Salam was re-elected as State Secretary, Kshetrimayum Santa, Yumnam Ratan and Sougrakpam Roma Devi as Secretariat Members of the new committee.

The Conference of the party adopted special resolutions on the condition of workers, on employment and education, on central sponsored projects in Manipur including irrigation, on National Highways and Railways, on atrocities on women, on MGNREGA, on Communal Harmony and National Unity and Integration, on AFSPA and Black Laws, on Protection of NER people in the mainland of India, on Corruption and nepotism, on electoral reform, on a legislation to protect Land and people of Manipur etc.

The conference unanimously condemned the bomb blast that killed two persons and injured some persons on the morning of 15th December at MG Avenue, Imphal and appealed to the people of Manipur to maintain peace and harmony.

CPIM Delhi State Conference

Com. K M Tiwari

The 14th Delhi State Conference of the CPI (M) took place on 20-21st December 2014 in Comrade Mohan Lal Hall at Ambedkar Bhawan, Delhi. The Conference began with flag hoisting by Delhi State Secretariat Member Rampal and laying flowers on the Martyrs Column. A condolence resolution was adopted condoling the deaths of former Polit bureau members, R. Umanath, Samar Mukherjee, State Secretariat members, Mohan Lal and Vijendra Sharma, along with Hugo Chavez and Nelson Mandela. The Conference also condoled those who were martyred in struggles of the people. 

The Conference was inaugurated by Party General Secretary, Prakash Karat. He spoke of how the global financial crisis continues to make its impact felt even after eight years. The revival is incomplete and uneven. Even though US imperialism has weakened in the economic realm in the last 10-20 years, its hegemony at the military-political level remains intact. Contradictions within the imperialist camp, as well as that between the advanced capitalist countries are becoming sharp. It sees India as one of the main partners in its geo-strategic designs in Asia, which has further been facilitated by the tilt of our ruling classes towards the international finance capital. In our Country, the political situation has changed completely in the period since the last conference, with an overall rightward shift in the political trajectory. The struggle against the aggressive neoliberal policies and the communalism has to go hand in hand. Left is fighting back to overcome electoral setbacks and develop struggles against neo-liberal policies, communalism.
A presidium consisting of Brahmjeet Singh, Rampal and Sehba Farooqui presided over the Conference. State Secretary, P.M.S. Grewal presented the Report on behalf of the Delhi State Committee. He outlined how the communal game plans of RSS-BJP have intensified in the period since the Lok Sabha elections, with attempts of communal polarization in various parts of the state. Attacks on the livelihoods and rights of the working classes, various sections of urban poor, dalits, minorities and women continue unabated under the neoliberal regime. Emergence of AAP has been a major political development in the state. The experience of the 49 days of the AAP government and its policies has shown that it too is a votary of neoliberal policies. He called upon the delegates to discuss ways to intensify sustained struggles on local issues of the people, draw correct experiences from such struggles and take tasks which can help in the expansion of the party and the mass organizations.
A total of 175 delegates participated in the Conference. 49 delegates participated in a political and objective debate spread over two days and enriched the Report. Resolutions were adopted on the struggle against communalism, rights of the working class, against neoliberal assaults, on crimes against women and struggles for civic amenities. The Report was adopted by the Conference. 

The Conference elected a 30 member State Committee with K.M. Tiwari as its Secretary. A 9 member Secretariat consisting of K.M. Tiwari, P.M.S. Grewal, M.L. Malkotia, Anurag Saxena, Asha Sharma, Brijesh Kumar Singh, Nathu Prasad, P.I. Raveendranathan and Sehba Farooqui was also elected.
Jogendra Sharma, member Central Secretariat gave the closing address and stressed the need for sustained struggles. Organization can be built only through struggles and struggles can be built only through organization. It is necessary to prepare the entire ranks of the party and mass organizations for effective struggle against the disastrous impact of neo-liberal policies and communalism. He expressed confidence that through planned movements, the Party will be able to emerge as a credible political force in the Delhi-NCR region.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

CPIM Madhya Pradesh State Conference

Com. Badal Saroj
CPIM  Madhya Pradesh State Conference ahead if 21st party congress to be held in April 2015 was successufully held at Annupur.  Total 244 delegates participated in the 3 day conference. Conference was Inaugurated by Com. Brinda Karat and concluded with the speech of Com. K. Varadrajan. Conference also gave a call to launch a vigorous and militant struggle of the working people.
Conference elected 30 member State Committee which reelected Com. Badal Saroj as its secretary with 9 members Secretariat. Com Brinda Karat gave A clarion call to mobilise people against the twin attack of neo-liberal economic policies and communalism posed by Modi Govt. at center and Shivraj Chauhan Govt. in the State .

Friday, December 19, 2014

Schedule of State Conferences ahead of 21st Party congrress

1. Rajasthan December 11-13 Raisinghnagar
2. Himachal Pradesh December 16-18 Shimla
3. Madhya Pradesh December 17-19 Anooppur
4. Delhi December 20-21 Delhi
5. Manipur December 20-22 Imphal
6. Gujarat January 24-25, 2015
7. Uttarakhand December 27-29 Chamoli
8. Chattisgarh December 28-30 Bhilai
9. Odisha January 3-5, 2015 Bhubaneshwar
10. Andaman & Nicobar January 4
11. Karnataka January 8-11 Bengaluru
12. Uttar Pradesh January 10-12 Bulandshehar
13. Punjab January 15-17 Jalandhar
14. Jharkhand February 2-4 Bokaro
15. Bihar February 5-7 Bettiah
16. Andhra Pradesh February 8-9 Vijayawada
17. Assam February 10-12 Tezpur
18. Haryana February 14-16 Rohtak
19. Tamilnadu February 16-19 Chennai
20. Kerala February 20-23 Alappuzha
21. Tripura February 25-27 Agartala
22. Telangana February 26-March 1 Hyderabad
23. West Bengal March 8-12 Kolkata
24. Maharashtra March 13-15 Surgana

Central Committee Meeting: January 19-21, 2015 at Hyderabad.

CPIM Himachal Pradesh State Conference

Com. Omkar Shad

CPIM Himchal Pradesh State conference ahead of the 21st party congress was held in Shimla from December 16 to 18.

Braving the icy chill from the Himalayas consequent to the heavy snowfall, thousands of activists carrying the Red flag marched through the streets of the Shimla town in a rally marking the commencement of the 15th Himachal State conference of the CPI(M).

Addressing the rally CPI(M) General Secretary, Prakash Karat drew attention to the twin attacks on the people of the country especially after the assumption of power by the BJP. One the one hand the neo liberal policies which widen the gap between the rich and the poor are being implemented with greater vigour while on the other hand the BJP and its governmet is using communalism to strengthen its base which will be detrimental to the interests of the country.

Saying that the the six month period of the Modi government has exposed that the acche din is  only for the big capitalists and corporates, the CPI(M) General Secretary said that the government is opening hitherto unthought of sectors like railways to 100% FDI. The government is hell bent on privatizing strategic sectors like coal. He reminded the people that Coal was nationalized by Indira Gandhi when thousands of workers were being killed because of hazardous work conditions and non compliance of security measures by private owners.

Com. Prakash condemned the moves to curtail and restrict the MNREGA scheme by cutting down allocations and altering the nature of the scheme. He castigated the central government for increasing taxes on oil and increasing its prices even while there has been a 40 per cent decline in international prices. In a bid to appease the US ahead of Obama’s visit to attend the Republic Day parade, the government is trying to increase FDI in insurance and the defence sector, he said. Com. Karat called upon the people to fight back these policies.

The other to address the rally included Rakesh Singha, CPI(M) state secretary, Sanjay Chauhan and Tikender Singh Panwar Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Shimla. They lambasted the state government for pursuing the policies that are heaping huge burdens on the common people. They pointed out that the phenomenal fee hike in the university and colleges has rendered higher education beyond the reach of the common man.  

The Himachal Pradesh conference elected a 30 member state committee. The state committee at its first meeting elected Onkar Shad as the new state secretary. It also elected a  secretariat. Comrades Rakesh Singha, Kashmir singh Thakur, Tikender Singh Panwar, Kushal Bhardwaj, Prem Gautam , Kuldeep Tanwar and Sanjay Chauhan were elected as the new state secretariat. A new state control commission was also elected of 3 members of which Rajender chauhan was elected as the Chairperson. The state conference also unanimously elected the 4 member delegation to represent the Himachal Party in the 21st party Congress in Vishakapatnam in April which include Onkar shad, Tikender Singh Panwar, Kashmir Thakur and Kuldeep Tanwar
. Addressing the delegates CPI(M) Polit Bureau Member M.A Baby drew attention to the challenges being faced by the Left internationally and the formidable struggle being waged in Latin America and the successes achieved therein. Baby pointed out the historic task before the Left in India especially in the new situation. He said that the economic policies being pursued by the BJP-led government at the centre is detrimental to the interests of the vast mass of the people, even while benefitting the big business and corporate houses.

Central Committee member A Vijayraghwan recalling the historic struggles that the Left has waged in the state pointed out the need for presenting an alternative before the people. He stressed the importance of building a strong and fighting organisation to meet the challenges that are being posed in the present situation.

Earlier in the day the political resolution placed by the outgoing state secretary Rakesh Singha was unanimously adopted. The  resolution calls for conducting struggles on political and economic issues including the pressing demands of the people. Also it lays stress on propagating the Left and democratic alternative among the people. 

The conference has resolved 5 major tasks for the ensuing 3 years.
1. To build an alternative to the present set of policies and propagate it amongst the people. The alternate which is pro people and anti neo liberal.
2. To build struggle on local issues of the people that include the deteriorating services sector especially on water, electricity, health and education.
3. To identify the issues of atrocities being committed on women, dalit and such other social issues and provide and alternate to it.
4. Bringing the issue of land to the fore to champion the demand of providing land to the landless and to the inhabitants of the state. Further to check lands sharks and check the dilution of section 118 of the land reform and tenancy act. Along with that employment, PDS and education be championed. To lend support to the ongoing struggle of the students community against fee hike and anti democratic ban on their elections.
5. To expose the neo liberal policies amongst the young people and build an alternate culture which is progressive and democratic against the alien values of decadent feudal and consumerist culture.

Victory for Cuba

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:
The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) welcomes the agreement between the governments of Cuba and the United States to take steps to normalize relations between the two countries. The release of the three remaining “Cuban Five” who were jailed in the US on false charges of espionage and the decision to renew diplomatic relations are a victory for the Cuban people and government who have faced more than five decades of efforts by the United States to isolate it.
The United States has been enforcing an economic blockade on Cuba which needs to be reversed. This is a policy which has no support whatsoever from the international community. The US Congress has to repeal the law in this regard but President Obama can take steps to relax the measures.
The CPI(M) along with progressive and democratic forces in India congratulate the Cuban government and people for this important breakthrough.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Japanese Communist Party increases its seats to 21 from 8 seats in general election

Japanese Communist Party leader Kazuo Shii, right, smiles as he shakes hands with Tadayoshi Ichida, the party’s vice chair at the party’s headquarters in Tokyo

In the House of Representatives general election held on December 14, the Japanese Communist Party increased its number of seats to 21 from its pre-election strength of eight. It gained support from voters averse to the ruling coalition parties. The party won a seat in a single-seat constituency race for the first time since the 1996 lower house election, and took 20 in proportional representation blocs. The JCP is now entitled to submit a bill unrelated to the budget, which requires a minimum of 20 seats. It was also the first time that the party secured double-digit seats since the 2000 lower house election. Meanwhile, other minor opposition parties failed to increase the number of their seats. The JCP clearly demonstrated a confrontational stance against the ruling parties, raising objections to the consumption tax hike and the restart of nuclear power plants.

 The JCP won a single-seat constituency in Okinawa where the party staged its fight in collaboration with all anti-U.S. military base forces. Okinawans defeated all Liberal Democratic Party candidates who supported the base construction and ran for the single-seat constituencies in the prefecture.

The JCP obtained 20 proportional representation seats. In single-seat constituencies in Okinawa, JCP candidate Akamine Seiken, who contested the election with support from the People’s Life and Social Democratic parties, was elected. The JCP achieved a victory in single-seat constituencies for the first time since 1996.

The LDP decreased its number of seats by three to 291. It lost all of the four single-seat blocs in Okinawa. However, as its coalition partner the Komei Party added four seats to its pre-election strength of 31 seats, the ruling coalition occupies over two-thirds of the seats in the Lower House.

The Democratic Party of Japan gained 11 seats held to total 73 seats. The Japan Innovation Party (former the Japan Restoration Party) reduced its seats by one to 41. The Party for Future Generations fell to two seats from 19. The People’s Life Party lost three from its previous total of five. The SDP secured its pre-election strength of two seats.

Shii comments on the election results

Japanese Communist Party Shii Kazuo on the evening of election day held a press conference at the JCP Head Office in Tokyo, thanking every JCP member and supporter who called on as many potential voters as possible to support the JCP and JCP candidates.

As a brief review of the election campaign, Shii said, “Prime Minister Abe Shinzo asserted that Abenomics is ‘the only way’ but quite a number of voters felt that that might be a dangerous path to continue. We’ve never softened our head-on stance against Abe’s runaway policies. This is why, I think, our party gained so much support in the election this time.”

He also said that many voters showed their high regard for JCP counterproposals presented during the election campaign dealing with economic and diplomatic issues based on the people-first principle, and he expressed his determination to fulfill the JCP election promise in the Diet with all the JCP lawmakers in the House of Representatives and House of Councilors working in concert. The party will keep up the pressure and will work to increase various single-issue movements together with the general public, he added.

Regarding the election results in Okinawa, Shii said that it was an epoch-making achievement beating all pro-base candidates running for the election from Okinawa’s single-seat constituencies. He expressed his delight with JCP Akamine Seiken’s victory in one of the four single-seat constituencies in Okinawa. He extended his gratitude especially to all the Okinawans who strived for the victory of the JCP candidate irrespective of whether they are conservatives or progressives.

He gave a special thanks to Okinawa Governor Onaga Takeshi, Naha City Mayor Shiroma Mikiko, local business leaders, and those in the former LDP faction Shinpukai who were ousted from the LDP because they maintained their opposing stance against a new U.S. base in Henoko, for their efforts.

He said that the government, if it is in a truly democratic country, should listen to the demands of Okinawans as clearly shown in the election. To that end, the JCP will work even harder to press the government to cancel the new base construction plan and dismantle the Futenma base, he stressed.

CPIM Rajasthan State Conference


CPIM  Rajasthan state conference ahead of the 21st Party congress to be held at Visakhapatnam in April 2015 was held at Raisingnagar in Ganganagar district from December 11 to December 13.
The public meeting organised as part of the conference was inaugurated by Com. Prakash Karat. He called upon the Left forces to fight a twin battle against the attacks on livelihood of the people and communal polarization. Karat said that it has already become evident whose ‘good days’ have arrived in six months of Modi government. Profits of the corporates are increasing rapidly whereas the expenditure and subsidy for the social welfare has decreased. The Modi government has unleashed attack on the employment opportunities by drastically cutting down allocation for the MNREGA. Likewise, whatever scope for compensation for peasants were provided for in the land acquisition Act, are being diluted. The labour reforms are virtually giving the employers the free right to fire the workers and curtailing social security of the working people. Rajasthan has become the laboratory for neo liberal attacks including labour law reforms, he said. Karat also said that Rajasthan is also one of the laboratories for experimenting with Hindutva. After a RSS ‘pracharak’ has assumed power as Prime Minister, the Hindutva forces are out to capture all spheres including education and culture. They are out to divide the people so as to minimize the resistance against neo liberal aggression. Party Central Committee members Hannan Mollah, Joginder Sharma, veteran leader of the Party Hetram Beniwal  and Rajasthan state secretary Basudeo were among the others who spoke at the meeting.
The Rajasthan State conference of the CPI(M) which concluded on Dec 13 elected a 33 member state committee. The state committee at its first meeting elected Com. Amra Ram as its Secretary and an eight member Secretariat.

WB CM should have resigned : CPI-M

‘The Current TMC run State Government of West Bengal comprises of thieves and dacoits “Said Left Front Chairman Biman Basu addressing  a lakh strong CPI(M) workers of North 24 Pargana’s district in Kolkata’s Shahid Minar Maidan. Attacking the BJP for forced conversion of Muslim youths in Agra, he said that immediately programme for communal harmony will  be taken up in the state at a time when the BJP and the TMC is trying to bifurcate the people of the state on communal lines .   

  In the programme which was presided over by CPI(M) leader Tarit boron Topdaar, financial aid  was handed over to  19 martyrs of the state during the last one year . The Meeting also expressed its profane grief towards the  Left Martyrs  and towards the  120children who  died in a suicidal bomb attack  at an army school at Peshwar of Pakistan, today .  

 In his address CPI(M) Politbureau member and the Leader of the opposition of West Bengal assembly  Dr   Suryakanta  Mishra  told that  the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee if she had slightest  morality  should immediately step down from his Chief Ministership  as her  and her partys’ involvement in the Sarada scam has become crystal clear .  He said that already one M is behind the bars in the sarda scam  and two M are outside waiting for their turn ( First M= Madan Mitra  and Second and third M  being  Former Railway MInister Mukul Roy and  Mamata  Banerjee herself ) He also informed the rally participants  that  according to reports  over 200 chit Fund companies  which had sprouted the state after the change of regime in the state has  garnered  over 60000 crore rupees from the people of the state . He also appealed to the people of the state and even to those who still are  with the TMC to come forward against  the  Thievesand dacoits who are occupying pivotal position in the state Government .
Addressing the lakh strong crowd   who had gathered at the venue from all throughout North 24pargans district  from places of Sundarbans  to the  industrial hub of Kaanchrapara  Left Front Chairman BIman Basu   also made attack towards  the present Transport Minister of the state who is languishing in the Jail  arrested by the CBI  and said  that the TMC government  has emptied the coffers of the state by stealing both the Government  money and the money  coming from the Chit Fund companies like Sarada .

CPI(M) Central Committee member and  North 24 pargans district Secretary  Gautam Deb  in a televised address to   the lakh strong full capacity crowd at Shahid Minar grounds  urged the population  of the state to rise in revolt again the queen of lies that is the present chief minister of the state who has even lied about her educational qualification and had declared her to be a doctorate from a fictitious foreign University , Remembering the words  of Jyoti Basu  he said that it was JYoti Basu who has rightly told Mamata Banerjee never speaks the  truth . He also warned the state’s population against the media hype  focusing on BJP’s campaign in the state .  He said that Jyoti Basu used to say that Mamata Banerjee’s greatest  folly is the fact that she had nurtured a crocodile  like the BJP  when that Party did not  have  an iota of base in West Bengal.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

People won't Tolerate Burglars: Biman Basu

People of West Bengal will never stand by the burglars who cheated million of common mass. West Bengal does not belong to the culture of saving burglars, said CPI(M) State Secretary and Left Front Chairman Biman Basu in the context of Madan Mitra's arrest.

While talking on Mamata Banerjee's arrogance and recent use of nasty language Biman Basu stated that 'it is evident that burglars often lose their tempers. Trinamool leaders are now facing such a situation. People even have started evading Trinamool rallies'. Basu also stated that 'two more Trinamool leaders are still to be arrested on Chit Fund scam issue. If the 'ear' named Mukul is pulled the 'head' named Mamata will surely come forward.

When asked by the Journalists, Biman Basu said that 'for the detainment of a Minister, we don't demand fall of the State Government, but the accused Ministers must resign from the cabinet. He reminded that even during the infamous Siddhartha Shankar Ray's black regime the Land Reform Minister Suniti Chattaraj was forced to resign from the cabinet when accused of Fodder scam by the Wangchu Commission'.

Biman Basu also stated that 'one Minister said on Friday that CBI arrested Madan Mitra to intercept the development programme of the State Government. How the development can be related with such a big Ponzi scam? Are not burglars to be convicted even after stealing billions of public money? Not just Saradha, there are more than 200 such companies that siphoned out hardened money of the millions of common and toiling people. More than 80 people have committed suicide so far. None can say the exact amount of scam i.e. how many crores of rupees have been siphoned out. So the Chief Minister now fears CBI interrogation and further investigation. Biman Basu however sharply criticized the Chief Minister for her statement that she would meet Madan Mitra. How can a Chief Minister express her solidarity with an accused?