Saturday, April 6, 2013

Law and Order Situation is Deteriorating due to Chief Minister: Biman Basu

By making off hand comments, the Chief Minister herself is actively responsible for the deteriorating law and order situation of the State. The Chief Minister along with his Ministers should stop making comments before investigations are done in different cases for establishing the rule of law in the State. Biman Basu, the Chairman of Left Front and Secretary of CPI(M) West Bengal State Committee, said this on 3rd April.
On the way to Writers’ Building Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee went to SSKM Hospital on that day. But she did not visit the place where post mortem of departed student leader Sudipta Gupta was taking place. She decided to return from the mid way. On the way while talking to reporters she tried to establish the accident theory and told that the death of Sudipta has taken place by being hit on the Lamp Post. Later when reporters questioned Biman Basu about it he said Chief Minister did the right thing by visiting the hospital today. But when the whole state was agitated due to the death of student leader Sudipta Gupta in Police custody, she was in Yuba Bharati Krirangan enjoying an entertainment show. So she could not manage to find out time. It is nice of her to visit the hospital today.
Biman Basu further said that she has not done the right thing by saying the cause of the death to be accident before investigation. If she makes such comment in beforehand, is there any scope for investigation? Especially the Chief Minister herself is the Home Minister. Then no departmental enquiry will take place. Chief Minister’s comment will only be stamped. By making beforehand comments like this the Chief Minister herself is taking part in the deterioration of the law and order situation in the state. In which direction is the State moving?
Biman Basu also informed that on 2nd April after returning from SSKM Left Front leadership sat in a meeting and decided to demand for a judicial enquiry. He said the people of Bengal want to know how a young 23 year old vibrant boy died in this way. People can’t accept it. He demanded things to be scrutinized thoroughly and impartially, which is possible only through judicial enquiry. He said, we have heard about the details of the death from eye witnesses. After the students were arrested from the Law Breaking programme the bus was stopped in the Red Road and the students were asked to get down from the bus. As the students were not willing to get down, they were pushed and hurled from the bus. They surrounded the bus and said when they have been arrested they have to be taken to the jail. It is also known that at this time the students were thrashed mercilessly and even were kicked from the back. Biman Basu said after being arrested such incidence of being beaten up in prison van is unprecedented. He said the whole incident has been recorded in the close circuit TV of Presidency Jail. Let it be seen what is there. In another question he said that the driver and the helper of the bus have been arrested only to prove it is an accident. Though the on- duty police should have been arrested as Sudipta lay for a long time after being injured. Why Trauma ambulance was not kept?
By mentioning the participation of innumerable students and common people in the funeral procession of Sudipta, Biman Basu said, it is pathetic that such a young boy had to die. The participation of the people is its reflection. He said from his father we came to know that Sudipta used to study late till 1.30 in the night to enrich him. He also tried to reanimate others even who were reluctant to protest.
Biman Basu also said that the Left Front will be organising protest rallies throughout the state on 4th April evening. In all the 19 districts rallies will be held. In some districts rallies were taken out on 2nd and 3rd April as spontaneous reaction. They will also take part in the protest rallies. He informed that the Kolkata District Left Front has convened 12 hour general strike on 4th April in Tollygunge-Dhakuria-Garia region where Sudipta Gupta used to live and carried out his political activities. The Kolkata District Left Front will also bring out protest rally from Garia to Netaji Nagar at 5 p.m. on the same day.
The Left Students’ Organisations have called for a state wide Students Strike on 4th April. The Left Youth Organisations will also take part in road blockade from 11 to 11.15 a.m. on the same day.

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