Saturday, April 6, 2013

Angry protest by SFI in Delhi

Delhi state committee of the Students Federation  of India  hold an angry protest at Banga Bhvan againt the cold blooded  murder of Comrade  Sudipto Gupta,.They were  joined by  DYFI ,JMS and other mass organisations.

While Sitaram Yechury addressed the meeting. Among those who were present were, Jogendera Sharma member of  CPI(M) secretaiat, Pushpendra Grewal state secretary of  Delhi party,  B  Balagopal CPI(M)  MP and M B Rajesh MP  DYFI President,  Nurul Hooda and Bijoo Krishana (AIKS),  Vijay Prasad, NK Sharma, Sudhanva Despande, Rajndra Prasad. etc. Sunand CEC member  of SFI.,  JMS leader Sonia Verma, as well the JNUSU representatives were also presentetc

Banga Bhavan was never protected by so  many police personnel.,  Hundreds of protesters assembled  in the Barakhama  Road side of Hailey Road and marched  towards Banga Bhavan carrying SFI flags and  placards  decrying the incidents and  raisng  slogans. They broke the  barricades, as well as the locked gates. Angry protesters sloganeered inside the building for more than  half and hours shouting slogans before  coming out  after which  a public meeting was organised.

Sitram Yechuy MP  who was also All India President  of SFI  said that as  Com.  Sudpito was killed in the police custody, which means the police is responsible  for it, that means the government is responsible. He demanded  immediate constiution of a  judicial enquiry   to look into the matter. He said this  incident was  not a one off  case of police brutality , rather it shows the deterioration of law and order, and the continous assault on democracy and democratic institutions in last two years, since the Mamata bannerkjee  led government came to power in the state.  There  have been more  than 600 instances of attacks on elected students  unions and students activites.
He said   the incidents of the  killing of  a  SFI  leader reminds us of the 1972 semi fascists terror  in West Bengal  which was followed  taking away of democratic rights of the people  in the form of emergency all over the country.
In this present situation prevailing in the countrry, it is important for us to realise, that as gradually  it is a  going on the way of repeat of 1972 semi fascist terror is West Bengal, what will follow in the entire country , one should ponder.
He said protest will continue , come what may.

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