Monday, November 12, 2012

TMC Government Ruining Economy, Alleges Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee

We must organize the huge unorganized labour force in the country; and CITU will accomplish this job in near future forming trade unions for the people of the large unorganized sectors, avowed Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, while addressing the massive gathering at the open session of 10th CITU State Conference at Howrah Stadium.

On Manmohan Singh Government

Explaining the current labour scenario of the country Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee sharply criticized Manmohan Singh Government for incessantly taking anti-people decisions that have severely affected the huge labour force of the country. ‘It is our country where unemployment, hunger, poverty pervade beyond all earlier records. So what Manmohan Singh is saying, the country is moving in opposite direction’. The Central Government is taking anti-people decisions that have increased retrenchment of workers throughout the country. Company owners are now yearning for more profit cutting the wage of the labourers hiring them from other places. This has to be condemned. So CITU has decided to organize the huge unorganized labour force to form trade unions for them, said Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee.

On Present Government in West Bengal

While talking about the present scenario of the state Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee said that ‘West Bengal is witnessing severe crises in almost all sectors of life and profession in this new Government regime. Here the working forces including left workers are being badly intimidated and attacked almost everyday. Trade Union offices are being ransacked on a regular basis. They do not want any trade union activities other than theirs anti-workers culture. How long we will tolerate?’

‘Transport workers and the whole transport situation of the state are in deplorable condition. Most private transport vehicles are clogged down being incapable of managing the cost of the business. The Government is acting as sleeping beauty. Transport workers are not getting salaries, pensions, compelled to commit suicide. This is the crude reality of the state’.

‘In such a situation the new Government has already increased Ministers’ salaries from Rs. 7000 to Rs. 27000, when people are starving. We had never taken such unfair anti-people decision’.

The situation is rural Bengal is deteriorating considerably. Farmers are not getting legitimate price of food crops; the Government remains silent. Farmers’ suicide is a regular phenomenon in the state.

The industrial situation is, as people know, facing unprecedented crisis. Shalboni project, WIPRO and INFOSYS, companies the Left Front Government had invited to set up in the state earlier, are not in a position to continue. Just look at Singur. It has transformed into a deadly silent zone. The flagship NANO project could have organized more than 4000 jobs. The Government is therefore not in a position to encourage any further industrial investment.

In addition to such a mess in the overall professional sector, the Trinamool Congress has ousted ABG Company from Haldia just to provide undue benefit to a company owned by a TMC MP. This is just unprecedented. The Trinamool Congress people, led by MP Shuhendu Adhikari, even abducted three ABG officials. This is the actual situation, said Bhattacharjee.

In another situation in Dubrajpur, the TMC Minister was directly involved in an operation where the company was not giving proper compensation to the land holders. Police firing was occurred and the Minister now denying his involvement.

What is therefore the land policy of the present Government? How will they provide land if any industry comes in this state? What our present generation is going to do without employment opportunity? Engineering, Techno Institutions and Colleges are not filled up by adequate number of students.

The power sector is going to be the next debacle. They have stopped the Katwa power project for not being able to provide land. This will create a problem in future. We are getting power because there are severe shortage of industries and so the requirement of power.

On Law and Order Situation

Better is not to say much about this issue. A reign of terror including rape, killing, abduction, robbery is being unleashed in the state. Actually the miscreants have received a clear message from the Government that ‘nothing will happen’. The Government on the other hand is saying that nothing has happened. Only some are trying to malign the Government. So the situation is now getting out of control. The Government did not spare a poor farmer who was trying to tell about the ravaging hike of fertilizer price.

Our heart is down to see the series of attacks on Women in our state. Almost everyday such news hit front page of newspapers. This is just anarchy; and not to last long. Our people are conscious and they are the best judges of the present situation of the state.

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