Monday, November 12, 2012

On Towards Vigorous Struggle Call of CITU 10th West Bengal State Conference

The neo liberalism and its economic policy are making the life of the working class miserable day by day. The Central Government is giving all its effort to create the flexibility in the labour market in order to gain so called investors’ confidence. The working class of West Bengal is under continuous attack of the ruling Trinamool Congress. In this juncture the 10th West Bengal State Conference of Centre of Indian Trade Union (CITU) was held at Comrade Jyoti Basu Nagar (Howrah) and Comrade M. K. Pandhe Manch (Sarat Sadan). The Conference has been formally inaugurated by A. K. Padmanavan, all India President of CITU after hoisting the red flag and offering the floral tribute to the martyrs. In his inaugural speech Padmanavan said that the CITU would fight the attack on the people by the Central Government at the name of economic reforms jointly with other trade Unions. By mentioning about the attack against the workers in West Bengal in the changed political situation Padmanavan said that the workers of West Bengal shall be able to play its historical role in the situation like the earlier days. He said the Indian economic policy has undergone a right wing shift since the neo liberal economic policy has been introduced. Padmanavan has alerted the Central Government against any attempt to make the labour laws of the country flexible. He said the Government is acting under the dictation of the Word Bank and the chamber of commerce in order to make the labour laws of the country flexible. He said that the multinational companies are not following the laws of the land. They are restricting the workers to participate in the trade unions. Even the constitutional rights of the people are being undermined by the big corporate and MNC’s. The Central Government is playing the role of mere spectator in these violations. Padmanavan emphasised the necessity of protection of the trade union rights along with the social security, control of price hike and universal public distribution system. He said that CITU has always in favour of the united workers movement from its class outlook. After travelling a long path all the trade Unions have called for 48hours strike on 20th and 21st February 2013. This has happened for the first time in the history of independent India. The trade unions will participate in vigorous campaign like Parliament March on 20th December 2012 in order to make the strike successful.

Kali Ghosh, the Secretary of CITU West Bengal State Committee has placed the report in the conference. While placing the report he said that the workers movement of the state is facing various attacks during the tenure of the Trinamool Congress Government. He said that they went to submit their deputation before the Chief Minister of the State to draw her attention on growing attacks on trade Unions in West Bengal but she had refused to accept it.

On 10th November 2012 the CITU West Bengal State Conference has concluded with the call for a vigorous struggle against the neo liberal economic policies. Almost 1500 delegates from all over the state has participated in the Conference and discussed the various prevailing issues of the trade Union movement. Conference has created a road map for the future struggle for the working class people. In the context of growing number of unorganised sector workers and contractual workers the 10th Conference has emphasised on their problems and issues in detail and outlined the path of future programmes. Delegates have participated in the discussion on the draft report. With an elaborate discussion on the adverse effect of the economic policies of the Central Government the conference has also discussed the miserable conditions of the workers of the state in the last 18 months of TMC Government in the state.

The delegates have exchanged their experiences of the struggle against the terror and attack against the trade Union movements by the Trinamool backed hooligans. The expression of confidence has appeared on face of the delegates while talking about the historic success of the General Strike of 28th February called by the Trade Unions. The delegates have given importance on the consolidation of the various stream of worker movement in order to achieve the political goals.

The delegates in the conference have discussed the issue of the contractual labour in detail, specially the growing attack upon the labour laws of the country. The delegates have elaborately discussed the issue of the labour market flexibility and due to this effect of the neo liberal globalisation how the working class people of West Bengal are being affected at large. The organisation has decided to observe 12th December 2012 as the demand day for the Contractual workers. The workers shall unitedly hold their protest in front of the office s of the department of labour at the respective districts. The delegates have also pointed out the lathergy of the State Government to implement the social security and welfare programes initiated by the Left Front Government earlier.

On the other hand the CITU 10th West Bengal State Conference has discussed the issue of the unorganised sector workers. The roadmap has been framed to build up the vigorous campaign to unite the unorganised sector workers. The organisation will utilise all its effort to unite the workers working in various unorganised sectors in each districts of West Bengal.

The CITU will devote all its effort to make 48 hours strike a grand success. In the Month of December the Mass rally will be organised in all the districts and sub divisions of West Bengal and a huge and concentrated campaign shall be conducted among the workers and the common people throughout the month of December and January.

CITU will build up a joint struggle for drezing of Halidia and Kolkata Ports. The delegates of 10th West Bengal State Conference of CITU have discussed the issue elaborately and prioritized the labour issues in the ports. Tapan Sen, General Secretary of CITU said that the organisation consider the issues of the labour above all other issues. He also said that the organisation will stand with the retrenched workers who have lost their jobs at Haldia Port recently. He has demanded the joint effort of the Centre, State and the Port Authority to solve the existing problems.

The 10th Conference has elected the new West Bengal State Committee CITU. Shaymal Chakraborty has been re elected as the President and Dipak Dasgupta has been elected as the Secretary of CITU West Bengal State Committee.

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