Sunday, December 14, 2014

People won't Tolerate Burglars: Biman Basu

People of West Bengal will never stand by the burglars who cheated million of common mass. West Bengal does not belong to the culture of saving burglars, said CPI(M) State Secretary and Left Front Chairman Biman Basu in the context of Madan Mitra's arrest.

While talking on Mamata Banerjee's arrogance and recent use of nasty language Biman Basu stated that 'it is evident that burglars often lose their tempers. Trinamool leaders are now facing such a situation. People even have started evading Trinamool rallies'. Basu also stated that 'two more Trinamool leaders are still to be arrested on Chit Fund scam issue. If the 'ear' named Mukul is pulled the 'head' named Mamata will surely come forward.

When asked by the Journalists, Biman Basu said that 'for the detainment of a Minister, we don't demand fall of the State Government, but the accused Ministers must resign from the cabinet. He reminded that even during the infamous Siddhartha Shankar Ray's black regime the Land Reform Minister Suniti Chattaraj was forced to resign from the cabinet when accused of Fodder scam by the Wangchu Commission'.

Biman Basu also stated that 'one Minister said on Friday that CBI arrested Madan Mitra to intercept the development programme of the State Government. How the development can be related with such a big Ponzi scam? Are not burglars to be convicted even after stealing billions of public money? Not just Saradha, there are more than 200 such companies that siphoned out hardened money of the millions of common and toiling people. More than 80 people have committed suicide so far. None can say the exact amount of scam i.e. how many crores of rupees have been siphoned out. So the Chief Minister now fears CBI interrogation and further investigation. Biman Basu however sharply criticized the Chief Minister for her statement that she would meet Madan Mitra. How can a Chief Minister express her solidarity with an accused?

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