Saturday, November 22, 2014

CPIM JK State Secretary Mohammed Yousuf Tarigami files nominations

 State Secretary CPI(M), Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami on November 12th filed his nomination papers in the office of Dy. Commissioner Kulgam. He was accompanied by Ghulam Hassan Mir, Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen, other prominent party leaders and large number of supporters. It may be recalled here that Tarigami is seeking mandate from the electorate of Kulgam constituency for fourth consecutive term, as he has retained the seat since 1996 continuously.

A mammoth gathering accompanied Tarigami presenting a festivity look in Kulgam town with all young and female folk attired differently dancing on the tunes of drums. People from all walks of life had thronged the office headquarters of CPI (M) since wee hours who joined a large procession to accompany Tarigami to DC office for filing his nominations. The much delighted and enthusiastic supporters of Tarigami were seen raising piercing slogans in his favour and expressing optimism about the winning of their beloved leader. As if attending a ceremony, the females were seen singing and the joyful youngsters were scintillating and clapping. Entire Kulgam town and streets were decorated with banners, posters and buntings presenting a ceremonious scene everywhere.
Addressing the rally at Town Hall Kulgam after filing nominations, Tarigami said that peace in the south Asia is subservient to cordial relations between India and Pakistan and hostilities be pacified on LOC to foster the peace and ensure the development in the sub-continent. He appealed both the countries to carry forward a meaningful dialogue for exploring means to resolve the bilateral issues including Kashmir, besides dialogue with all shades of opinion on the internal front is also an obligation of the Government of India.
The CPI(M) leader said that the political setup is being much humiliated by the opportunists and defectionists that has eroded the faith of the people in the democracy and the electorate process. He said that the tainted and tempted bureaucrats are equally adding to this humiliation on securing their space in the political spectrum. The political parties don’t hesitate to embrace these unwarranted and blotted elements with open arms. It is very astonishing and sorry state of affairs on the part of the political parties that power hungry defectionists and corrupt retires are being sensitively positioned in their cadres making the people much dejected and disgusted with the political dispensation, Tarigami remarked.
Tarigami said that on the one hand the divisive forces are promptly trying to create a wedge among the people of the state on communal lines and on the other the political system is being rotted by the ill elements, labeling it as an unholy entity. He appealed the people to reject these elements by declaring their verdict against them in the forthcoming elections. The forthcoming elections are an appropriate opportunity for everybody especially the young electorate to participate in the democratic process and have their role in policy making and implementation, he said and appealed the youth to come forward and be a part of political setup to set the deteriorating politics in right direction and endeavoring for socio-political empowerment of every section especially the new generation.

Ignoring the miseries of the people after the recent deluge, the central government is putting its all energy in power grabbing in the state by hook or crook, which is vindicated by recent political developments, Tarigami said, adding that BJP led government has declined from its early stand of declaring the calamity as a national disaster. Thought the fact remains that the state has been in need of economic packages from the government of India from time to time since turmoil erupted in the state for revival of its economy and infrastructure development, he asserted. He reiterated CPI(M)s demand of declaring the recent devastating floods as National Disaster and a massive economic package for the State to bring it back on the rails of the development.

The rally was also addressed by Ghulam Hassan Mir, Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen and other senior leaders, who sought a decisive mandate for Tarigami from the electorate of Kulgam. They said that his achievements on socio-political, economic and developmental front have remained remarkable and is enjoying a prominent and respectable status in political circles which demands applause from the people. The AMM leaders stressed the necessity to fight unitedly through this platform against the corruption, misgovernance, unemployment, human rights violations and for creating a peaceful atmosphere in the state. They assured that they will continuously raise their voice for the democratic rights of the people of all the three regions of the state

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