Monday, October 6, 2014

Khagragarh Blast Incident Indicates the Chances of Coming More Violent and Difficult Days: Biman Basu

 Trinamool Congress and Soft Communalism

The Khagragarh blast incident indicates the chances of coming more violent and difficult days in the state, and the ruling Trinamool Congress can't overrule its own responsibility for creating the space for such a grave situation in West Bengal, says Left Front Chairman Biman Basu while addressing the press. He clearly stated that the Left Front has time again alerted about the rise of communal forces in the state but for Trinamool Congress and its soft communal attitude has provided necessary space to both forms of communalism in the state that finally allows the insurgent forces to do enough massacre in the state. Left Front is of strong opinion that the rise of majority communalism also aggravates the rise of minority fundamentalism

Police to Suppress the TMC Association Evidence

On the issue of mopping up evidences of TMC association with the blast incident Biman Basu while expressing serious concern said that 'the ruling Trinamool Government is trying to mop up all evidences that establish close TMC association is a matter of great concern. We the Left Front strongly demand immediate revelation of all facts and information. We want all nodal Government investigating agencies to work independently without any obstacle.

Trinamool Association with the Incident

The more danger fact is to note that the incident has a connection with the ruling Trinamool Congress. The owner and the tenant all are politically associated with Trinamool Congress. Trinamool Congress has its office at the ground floor of that building; the party signboard was hastily removed immediate after the blast. Moreover the District Police administration has initially occluded the NIA officers to investigate the place. Police even intercepted the working Journalists and Media Persons to organize their work. The people of West Bengal must know what for Trinamool Congress and Police are creating obstacle to the NIA investigation. Why the Government is sitting so idle? It is known fact that Trinamool Congress MP has a direct connection with Fundamentalist Jamat. We therefore demand the revelation of all facts regarding Khagragarh blast

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