Friday, August 15, 2014

West Bengal Left Front observes National Integration-Unity-Communal Harmony Day commemorating 68th Independence Day

The Sovereignty, Secularity, National Integration and Democracy as proclaimed in the Constitution of India are now in crisis. Time has come to combat the increasing threat to jeopardize the constitutional proclamations. Left Front in such a situation avows to fight against such concerted move with all its strength. West Bengal State Left Front Committee has observed National Integration-Unity-Communal Harmony Day on 15th August throughout the state to commemorate 68th Independence Day of the country. The day was marked by organizing “Human Chain” programme in every possible corner of the state with common people from all spheres of life joining hands from 11.00 to 11.30 in the morning. Left Front Chairman and CPI(M) State Secretary Biman Basu along with other leaders of Left Front joined the programme in Siliguri, North Bengal. The day was duly marked by different such gatherings addressed by the Left Front leaderships. 

Earlier Left Front had decided to organize Human Chain in every locality of each district. While talking on this issue Left Fornt Chairman and CPI(M) State Secretary Biman Basu said that 'news of communal crisis and communal violence are meanwhile increasingly coming from different parts of the country. The country hovers toward communal crisis. Violence and killing are spreading steadfast in the country. The Army Patrol is continuing in different parts of the country but the problem remains persistent. Left Front for that reason has decided to organize Human Chain programme to observe communal harmony day'.

In one such gathering held in Central Kolkata at the Entally Market area the leader of opposition and CPI(M) Politbureau member Surya Kanta Mishra warned about the different attitudes and notions that are being shown by the rulers who are at the helm of the Nation and in the State. He stated that 'not Congress, it was the Leftists, who had called for Complete Independence. It was the Leftists, who still have the strength and political will to safeguard and protect the essence of the Tri-Colour flag that holds the prestige of India. Constitution declares India to be a Sovereign, Democratic, Republic. In its 42nd amendment it has been added to be a Secular and Socialist Country. It is indeed saddening that the path India has taken vouches to move its inclination far from these declarations. Instead of Socialism we are moving in the direction of the Rightist. The economic independence of the Country is now at stake. It is being dictated by the imperialist rulers of other Countries. America is directly dictating the policies that India is supposed to acquire. For this reason the Minister of the Petroleum Department is being changed frequently. India has earlier announced to acquire gas at a cheap rate from Iran via Pakistan but the diktat of America is setting new terms to block the aspiration of India because it knows that India will then move ahead in acquiring self reliant independence and will not have to adhere to dictum of dollars to. The rulers at the centre are now moving ahead to surrender to USA'.

He appealed to the people to be careful about the various policies being taken by the Central government to disturb the National Harmony. He said that 'now the call of the government is for the proclamation of Hindustan. It is frequently being said that India is to be known by Hindustan. It is a country of the Hindus. The National Integration of the Country is thus confronting destruction. So the Left Political Strength has to unite to give a sustaining fight against it. The occasion was marked by the important presence of different Left Front leaders like CPI State Secretary Manju Kumar Majumder, RSP leader Kshiti Goswami, Forward Block leader Hafiz Alam Sairani etc.

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