Wednesday, August 27, 2014

SFI won student union elections in Rajasthan

Central executive committee congratulates Rajasthan state committee for encouraging victory in student union elections in Rajasthan held on 23rd August, 2014. This victory of SFI is more significant when state government has used all his machinery and power to tilt the results in favour of ABVP.

One of the important results is of S. K. College Sikar, the historical strong hold of SFI. On the lines of earlier elections all anti SFI forces were united here against SFI and used all kinds of tools but yet again students gave their mandate to struggles of SFI. In S. K. College Suresh Kumar Dhaka won the president post with 2491 votes by a margin of 287votes, meanwhile Mahender is elected as vice president, Yogesh kumar as general secretary and dropti verma as joint secratary, with margins of above 600votes. SFI also won full panel in Government Girls college Sikar

SFI contested student union elections for the first time in Dr. Sampuranand Ayurvedic University, Jodhpur and won the full panel. Same thing was repeated in Barmer Government College where SFI became victorious. SFCI won most of the colleges in districts like Jhunjhunu, Shri Ganganagar, Hanumangarh and alwar. But after winning election president of student union is brutally attacked by BJP goons and attacks are also there at his home.

SFI lost the post of president post by mere 62 votes in Jodhpur University where heavy irregularities were witnessed. University authority was working under the directions of BJP government and SFI candidate was defeated using unfair means by the nexus of BJP and university authorities. Even after repeated protests recounting is not done giving an example of dictatorial attitude of university authorities.  Initially SFI presidential candidate was declared winner but then BJP leaders entered the counting place and result was changed after which no plea is being considered.

Corruptions of authorities become more apparent in view of huge margin of victory by SFI candidate Roshni Vishnoi for the post of general secretary. Central committee demand independent enquiry of corruption in student union elections in jodhpur university (Jai Narayan Vyas University).

These are the first student union elections after general parliament elections and these results conveys a clear message that so called Modi wave is over and student community as not with ideology of BJP because ABVP’s elections campaign was centered around Modi’s wave. It is important to note here that in Rajasthan state government is of BJP.

We also thanks to student community of Rajasthan for their support and pledge to carry forward their struggle for a better education policy.

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