Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Left Front Announces Human Chain Programme on 15th August in West Bengal

'Already convicted for criminalizing and intimidating public statement the Trinamool MP Tapas Pal is neither a state minister nor a Government official; but why then the State Government spending public money is advocating for such a person in High Court?', asked the Left Front Chairman Biman Basu. The Trinamool Government has however already spent more than 11crores of Rupees last year just giving fees to advocates. Lion's share of this money has been spent for cases like deferring Panchayat Election and to anyhow prevent CBI enquiry on Saradha Scam.

While addressing the press after Left Front meeting at Mujaffar Ahmed Bhavan Thursday, Biman Basu said that the Trinamool Government is running for their own interest hooting out public interest of the state. The Government has merged into the Trinamool Congress Party. The Government is advocating for such a person who has publicly threatened to CPI(M) workers, supporters to kill them brutally by cutting throat; to rape innocent women by their partymen. On the other hand they are arresting those innocent people who are trying to raise voice against such anarchy.

Human Chain Programme on 15th August

Left Front will observe National Integration-Unity-Communal Harmony Day on 15th August throughout the state. Left Front has decided to organize Human Chain in every locality of each district. While talking on this issue Biman Basu said that 'news of communal crisis and communal violence are meanwhile coming from different parts of the country. The country hovers toward communal crisis. Violence and killing are spreading steadfast in the country. The Army Patrol is continuing in different parts of the country but the problem remains persistent. Left Front for that reason has decided to organize Human Chain programme to observe communal harmony day'.

The Human Chain programme will be commencing between 11 to 11-30am and continue 10 minutes duration. Biman Basu has appealed to all progressive people to participate in the Human Chain programme.

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