Tuesday, June 17, 2014

West Bengal Left Front will Observe 72 Hours Sit-in Demonstration

Left Front will observe sit-in demonstration program in protest of terror against the Left Front activists unleashed by the goons backed by the ruling party and attack on democratic rights as well as the livelihood of the common people of the state from 25th - 27th June. Biman Basu, Chairman of West Bengal Left Front Committee, also informed that street corners will be organized in all corners of the state from 16th - 22nd June to make the program successful. The West Bengal Left Front Committee took the decision in its meeting held on 13th June.

A Left Front delegation met Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on 9th June and demanded immediate halt to political violence in the state. The Left Front Chairman said nothing meaningful has been initiated by the state administration since then. He further said the nature of the terror unleashed is unprecedented and severe. Even the minors are not being spared by the TMC hooligans. The murderers of the Left activists are not being arrested. On the contrary several Left activists are being charged with false and fabricated cases. The supporters of Left Front are not being allowed to crop in their lands. The aim of such terrorization is to cripple mass movements and democratic rights; and ultimately to abolish democratic space, articulated Biman Basu.

The State Government is doing nothing to control the sky rocketing price rise. Setting up any new factory or industry seems to be a day-dream in West Bengal where the running factories are being shut down. The employability is shrinking day by day. The farmers are being deprived of equitable price and nor they are getting proper support price, said Biman Basu. He further said people of all terror-driven will take part in the sit-in demonstration program and they will share their experience with their comrades and common people.

The sit-in demonstration program will start from 25th June to recollect the black days of internal emergency which was declared on the very date in 1975. The attack unleashed on democratic rights during emergency is worth remembering in TMC regime where onslaught on all democratic spheres have become a practice.

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