Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Left rally in Hisar

The toiling masses shall here to strengthen the red flag to strengthen their position in politics. This is also important for raising our issues in parliament for which we are fighting every day in streets. This was reinforced by the speakers one after the other in the rally attended by thousands of people in Hisar. The rally was organized jointly by CPI(M) and CPI.

Sitaram Yechury, Polit Buero Member of CPI(M) and MP while addressing the rally said that people today needs better future, better education and health, condition of agriculture need to be improved and youth today wants employment.He said that Haryana today has become a model of loot by the corporate and repression of workers and toiling people. Repression of workers of Maruti  Massacre is a living example of this. He said that India is a country of young people and our youth is in forefront world over. But in India only 12% youth reach college today.  He said that natural resources of our country are ruthlessly looted today. 51 persons of our country today own 1/3 of GDP while over 80 crore people live below Rs. 20 per day.  

Today there two countries in our India. We have to change this situation as everyday 3 children die of hunger, 73 % of women are anemic, peasants are resorting to suicide and youth is forced to remain unemployed. Com. Sita Ram said that there used to be three ‘Lals’ in Haryana but today the toiling masses ned to be strengthen the real red flag.

Today there is much hue and cry on corruption. The fight of Left Parties against corruption and their honesty needs no certificate. Their have been 8 Chief Minister of Left Parties and not even a single has any change of corruption. Today also Manik Sarkar, the Chief Minister if Tripura, is the poorest CM as per the records of election commission of india he said that india today needs an alternative to the congress and BJP who are serving the interests of corporate capitals. He said that tune of “ NAMO” and “RAGA” needs to be change     

Addressing the rally CPI national leader, Amarjit Kaur, said that communists had made great sacrifices in the freedom struggle. After independence also the communists are fighting for the rights toiling masses and have been successful in making policies for them.
Comrade Inderjit Singh, state secretary of CPI (M), said that there is a need of change in policies of state and country. Major political parties in Haryana are not taking up issues of common masses like peasants, agricultural workers contract and casual workers, industrial workers, scheme workers and women etc. There is rampant corruption in recruitment transfers. Less of posts are lying vacant in govt. departments. He said that time has come when the people who are raising these issues our street need to be sent to the parliament and assembly.

He declared that CPI (M) and CPI will be contesting 5 parliament seats in Haryana. The candidate include Phool Singh Sheokand from Hisar, Ram Kumar Bahbalpuria from Sirsa, Master Sher Singh from Bhiwani, Mam Chand Saini from Karnal and Arun Kumar Advocate from Ambala. Both the parties have appeared the public of the state to send the candidate of Left Parties in parliament who are real veinguard of the toiling masses.

The rally was also addressed by Com. Nilotpal Basu, central seacretarat member of CPI (M), Surender Malik, Pardeep Singh, Dayanand Poonia, Jagmati Sangwan, Com. Daryav Singh Kasyap state secretary of CPI and others.

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