Thursday, January 30, 2014

Brigade Ground will Witness a History On 9th February 2014

Sridip Bhattacharya
Throughout West Bengal, preparation for historic rally at Brigade Parade Ground, Kolkata on 9th February is in full swing. No doubt it is going to be a record mobilization on 9th February. Since 2012, February, for the first time Left Front has given a call for mobilization at Brigade Parade Ground. Nearly one million people who will be mobilized at Brigade Parade Ground on that day will take pledge to carry on their struggles on behalf of the fighting people of West Bengal.

Against Neo-Liberal Policies

Neo-liberal policies followed by the Congress Government at the centre are the root cause for the deteriorating living conditions of the people of our country. Price rise of all the essential commodities including Petrol, Diesel is due to anti-people neo-liberal policies. Ensuring food security for the people, especially for the poorer one is not the agenda of the Central Government. Toiling people throughout the country are fighting against price rise of all essential articles including food. Lakhs and lakhs of people will come to Brigade Parade Ground for strengthening this struggle. They will raise their voice against the neo-liberal policy, which is for subsidizing the rich but not the poor. People are not oblivious of the fact that BJP is also the champion of neo-liberal policy. TMC, which was earlier partner of both Congress and BJP, is not opposed to neo-liberal policy.

Against Atrocities On Women

West Bengal has got a heritage of strong democratic movements and struggles. Security of women in this state was well protected at right order. But during last 33 months of TMC rule, security of women is in danger. Each day, people of the state are witnessing one after one cases of rape and murder of women. From girl child to old-woman; nobody spared. Horrific and gruesome incidents of gang rapes and murder are occurring in this state. No exemplary punishments are there against the perpetrators of this horrific crime. Culprits are roaming here and there but no actions against them. Even there are cases like Madhyamgram, where Police tried to hijack the body of the mass rape victim. According to Crime Bureau of Government of India, West Bengal tops among the states in the case of atrocities against women. Protection of security and prestige of women has become the central issue which is drawing more and more people from all cross sections to the streets.

Defense of Democracy

Since 2011, when TMC led Government was formed in the state, process of trampling down democracy got an acceleration. Till now 143 left activist have been killed. Thousands have become victims of serious attacks by TMC hoodlums. Nearly 46 thousands of left activists are driven out of their locality. Thousands of Party and Mass organizations office destroyed and gutted.

During last 33 months all elections turned into a farce, Panchayat Election, Municipal Election, Students’ Union Election, Co-operative Election, School Committee Election etc. Creation of terror situation where no political campaign can be carried on by opposition including CPI(M) activists, capturing of booths and rigging of election by TMC hooligans are the rules in present day West Bengal.

Attacks on Educational institution are continuing. Known anti-socials of the localities are controlling the colleges and schools in many areas. Students are denied to form their unions democratically. Students, teachers, professors who are showing courage to raise their voice against authoritarian offensives are being made targets of attack.

Not only are the left forces, even the democratic people also facing various types of attacks. Courts, Human Rights Commission, Women Commission which are considered as pillars of Indian Democracy, are also not spared. Some people who supported and assisted TMC becoming disillusioned and taking to the streets in protest. They are now in the hit list. Harassment by Police of the opposition, especially left is happening freely in the state. Rallies, processions by the left are denied permission by police in many places. Even Hall meetings by Left Front are denied by administration. Protest demonstration led by Left Front Chairman Com. Biman Bose got attacked.

There is no doubt that democracy in the state curtailed and democratic right in West Bengal is in jeopardy. Fight for defense of democracy and democratic rights are getting sharpened day by day. From Coochbehar – adjacent to Assam to Purulia – adjacent to Jharkhand – in every district this fight is gaining strength. All the people who are involved in this battle are getting prepared to join the Brigade rally.

The battle which is on in the field of West Bengal is to be won by Left. We know it cannot be done in a few days. With clarity and determination CPI(M) and Left forces are carrying on their struggle. 9th February Brigade Rally will give a tremendous impulse to this struggle. Braving all obstacles and barriers nearly a million people are preparing them for creating a new history on 9th February at Brigade Parade Ground in Kolkata.

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