Thursday, November 28, 2013

CPIM Kerala State Pleenum

CPI (M) General Secretary Prakash Karat said that CPI(M) and the Left alone can conduct a credible struggle against the Neo Liberal policies of Congress and the communal polarisation agenda of the BJP. While inaugurating the three day state plenum of CPI (M) Kerala state committee on 27th November at Palakkad, he said that people are fed up with the policies of Congress led UPA government which caused unprecedented price rise and inflation. The Congress has lost the confidence to challenge the threat posed by the BJP.  
“We have seen massive high level corruption in public space and government. The outbreak of such corruption is not accidental but an inevitable outcome of Neo liberal regime. The reign of UPA for the last nine and a half years is associated with high price rise, growing unemployment, massive corruption. People are looking for an alternate to the bankrupt policies of Congress” he said.  
In the run up to the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP is projecting itself  as the alternative. The class nature of BJP is no different from that of the Congress. In every area of economic policy BJP supports Congress, including in the reforms in banking sector. BJP helped and supported the UPA government to privatise pension funds. The BJP did not oppose the UPA government decision to double the price of gas favouring Reliance.
The  BJP led by Narendra Modi was getting unprecedented support from big corporates and business houses as it had given clear signals that it would serve their interests better than the Congress-led UPA if voted to power. This signals that the BJP would be a better servitor of the corporate than Congress.  
Another danger posed by the Modi-led BJP was that it stood for implementing communal agenda. We have seen for the last one year all over the country a systematic communal polarisation for the electoral gain for BJP and Narendra Modi, he said.
 Prior to the inauguration, Opposition leader and central committee member V S  Achuthanandan hoisted the red flag in EMS Nagar. Politburo member Kodiyeri Balakrishnan who presided over the inaugural session presented the martyr resolution and condolence resolution. State Secretary Pinarayi Vijayan presented the organisational report.
After the inaugural ceremony the organisational report was presented by Communist Party of India (Marxist) State secretary Pinarayi Vijayan in the party plenum. It insists on Communist value systems for all party members by following the Marxian ideology of dialectical materialism.

The report bars the party members from working in religious and caste organisations. “They should not become the office-bearers of religious institutions and worship places,” it says. 

Briefing presspersons on the report presented in the plenum here on Wednesday, party Polit Bureau member Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said the party members holding positions in religious and caste organisations should quit them if they wanted to continue in the party. The members should fight against superstitions and other unscientific customs and practices, he said.

The report aims at a qualitative change in the membership of the party in the State. “Party leaders and members are now convinced that the era of factionalism has ended in the party. Now, everyone has to follow the party decisions and implement them. All those who left the party in the name of factionalism and difference of opinion will have to be brought back if they have not already become the enemies of the party,” Mr. Balakrishnan said.

He said the organisational report chalked out a plan of action to bring more members of minorities into the party fold. The party would take up issues affecting the religious minorities. Despite Malappuram district having four Ministers in the State government, the district continued to be very backward. 

The party, Mr. Balakrishnan said, would strive to bring more members from the fishermen community, the Scheduled Castes, and the Scheduled Tribes into the party.

The report said the party members should follow the high standards of Communist values and become examples for society. They should also have high moral values. The report said a small section of party members were found to be in the habit of drinking. They should stop if they wanted to continue as members as drinking had become a major social disease in the State. He said the party leaders and members should not maintain any links with people in the real estate business, the blade mafia, and other types of business that bring a bad reputation to the party and its members. The party members should give details of their assets to the party every year.

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