Thursday, October 3, 2013

SFI condemns attack on Himachal Pradesh University Students union office by RSS goons

Central Executive committee of the Students’ federation of India condemns the attack by RSS-ABVP on the student’s union office of Himachal Pradesh University (HPU), Shimla yesterday, yet again showing the values which they represent. 7 students, including elected vice-president of the students’ union (SCA), Gopal Singh and the secretary of the SFI HPU unit, Hoshiyar singh and state joint secretary, Vivek Rana have been critically injured in this attack. Among these 7 students, 5 are state committee members of SFI. Armed with khukri and iron rods, RSS-ABVP lumpens attacked the union office around 8:30 a.m. yesterday and indiscriminately started attacking whosoever was present there. All the students are now admitted in IGMC hospital, Shimla and particularly Comrade Gopal continues to be in a very critical condition, with serious head injuries and deep cuts on both his hands.

This attack comes barely a day after our brave, young 18-year old Comrade Sajin Shahul succumbed to similar attack by the communal forces of reaction in Kerala. At a time, when throughout the country attempts are being made to step up the communal polarization, SFI is steadfastly resisting every such attempts and that’s why SFI activists are facing the brunt of such attacks. At a time when attempts are being made to re-write the history and ruin the future, we resolve to remain true to our tradition- the tradition of unflinching and uncompromising struggle for the secular values.

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