Thursday, October 17, 2013

Left Front to Intensify Its Campaign on the Major Issues in the Rural Belts

Brigade Rally to be Held in the Beginning of Next Year
Left Front has decided to launch a massive campaign throughout the State in favor of democracy and against violence. Movements to be launched in demand of some of the major problems being faced by the common people, right from the villages to the block, sub-division, districts and then in Kolkata and finally agitation and sit in demonstration to be staged in Delhi. In the beginning of next year Left Front will hold a rally in Brigade Parade Ground. The Left Front leaders decided this course of action in a meeting held on the 15th of October, 2013. After the meeting this was announced by Left Front Chairman and CPI(M) West Bengal State Committee Secretary Biman Basu.

He said after analyzing the present situation prevailing in the State in details, Left Front leadership has categorized some major problems of the people keeping the movement for democracy and against violence in the fore front. Amongst this is the demand for taking immediately effective measures for checking the sky rocketing of prices of the essential commodities, the Government has to interfere to stop the dismal situation of the farmers in selling their produce, through public distribution system each and every family has to be given 35 kgs of rice per month at Rs. 2 per kg, steps have to be taken to protect the dignity of women and atrocities against them, Government has to take steps in order to safe guard the interests of the workers and farmers, etc. Biman Basu said along with this the other demands will also be raised. In favor of these demands programmes will be launched right from the grass root to Kolkata and then in Delhi. He said in the days to come, the dates of the programmes will be finalized. Brigade rally to be held also, he said.

In answer to a question, Biman Basu said after Haldia Municipality, Siliguri sub-divisional Parishad, on this day the way Krishnanagar Municipality has been acquired by Trinamool forcefully, it is evident that this party does not believe in democracy. Those who do not believe in democracy are indulging in undemocratic activities in the guise of democracy. He said people’s democratic rights are under threat in this State, the way the elected organizations are being capsized either by terror or monetarily. The safety of the people of this State is at stake. One has to be vocal against all these.

Left Front has also raised its protest against abnormal price hike in Metro Rail tickets. Biman Basu said all of a sudden the price of tickets of Metro Rail has been raised abnormally. We raise our protest against this. After the holidays, when offices will reopen, we will stage our protest.

Discussions have taken place in the Left Front meeting regarding the elections to the municipalities on the 22nd of November, said Biman Basu. Elections to five Municipalities in four districts will be held on that day. Elections will be held in Howrah Municipal Corporation, Berhampur, Krishnanagar, Midnapur and Jhargram Municipality in overall 145 wards. Along with by-elections will be held in 29 wards in 23 Municipality in 12 districts of the State including ward number 1 and 24 ward of Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Districts Committees have been asked to take necessary preparation in this regard by the Left Front.

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