Saturday, October 5, 2013

Diabolic Politics of Murder in West Bengal

Another elected Panchayat member of CPI(M) has been brutally murdered by TMC goons. The autocratic rulers of the state are not satisfied even after wining maximum seats in the Panchayat elections after executing brute muscle power; moreover they are now unleashing life-taking attacks on several winning candidates of opposition parties. The TMC threatened the opposition candidates even before filing the nomination, did not allow them to campaign, organized shameless rigging on the day of election, and even manipulated the counting of votes. The TMC further threatened and unleashed attack with the intention to form boards even where they are minority. Now they are organizing murder politics to capture the boards formed by the opposition parties.

The latest victim of this reign of terror has been Ranjit Mistri (47), a winning candidate of Narayanpur-I Gram Panchayat in Karimpur-II Block under Nadia district. Ranjit, an ardent activist of CPI(M), was a carpenter by profession. The Left Front managed to win 8 seats of total 15 seats in Narayanpur Panchayat and formed the board despite the repetitive threats and attacks by the TMC hoodlums. Ranjit Mistri was attacked on a lonely street when he was returning home. The goons hit him with iron rod on the back of his head. The villagers rescued him in unconscious state after huge blood loss. They took him to village hospital and then he had to be removed to Baharampur Hospital where he ultimately succumbed to death on 3rd October, 2013.

Prior to this incident, CPI(M) leader Jahangir Alam, who was elected President or Sabhapati of a Panchayat Samiti at Hasnabad in North 24-Parganas, was shot dead by the TMC miscreants. The goons targeted this popular leader and blocked his way when he was returning home at night. He was shot dead from point blank range and the hooligans also stabbed the left part of his face with sharp weapons before leaving the place on 9th September, 2013. Before that the Left Front managed to win 13 seats of total 26 seats in Hasnabad Panchayat Samiti and formed the board despite the understanding between TMC and Congress through toss. On 3rd October, 2013 TMC captured the Hasnabad Panchayat Samiti and the blueprint of capturing Panchayat Boards through murder politics became clear as daylight.

In the series of unleashing terror another Panchayat Samiti member of CPI(M), Hasmat Sheikh, was brutally killed on 10th September 2013. Hasmat, the newly CPI(M) member of Panchayat samiti, was travelling from Farakka Block office to his village Jorpukuria of Murshidabad district on a bike with a party comrade Sanwar Sheikh when a bomb was hurled at his bike by the Congress-backed goons. The miscreants also stabbed him with sharp weapons to ensure his death. He was killed on the spot.

On the one hand in this dark era of democracy in the state the true opinion of the people cannot be reflected in the elections due to autocratic nature of the Government and partisan administration and on the other hand the opposition candidates who could win despite of all such attacks are being subjected to life-taking attacks of the ruling party. Such murderous attacks on democracy speak volumes about the state of democracy in West Bengal. Only through the united protests of the people can this diabolic plan be defeated.

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