Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Intensify Mass Movement on People’s Issues: Call of Extended CPI(M) West Bengal State Committee Meeting

The extended CPIM West Bengal State Committee meeting appealed to the people to protest unitedly against anti-people decisions of both central and state governments that have caused severe hardships for the people. The meeting has appealed to the people to intensify protest against issues like price rise etc. The state committee has resolved that movements are to be organized both at the local and district levels to deal with various problems of people and to restore lively mass contact with the people.

The extended state committee meeting, held at Pramode Dasgupta bhavan, was presided over by Party Politburo member Nirupam Sen. Party General Secretary Prakash Karat was also present in the meeting. At the outset Party state secretary Biman Basu placed the political organizational report. All district member representatives and leaderships of all mass organizations discussed on the report. In total 39 representatives participated in the discussion. The meeting was also addressed by Politburo member Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and party secretary Prakash Karat before Biman Basu rendered his concluding speech. The meeting congratulated all party workers for participating in panchayat elections against a massive reign of terror by the Trinamool Congress.

Biman Basu in his speech said that the overall socio-political situation of the state is gradually deteriorating. The democratic system is now under attack in the state. The 8th Panchayat election has revealed the terror of Trinamool Congress and shameless role the state government. But even on the face of this terror we must organize our future movement for the people. Party organizations in all levels are to be made active and strengthened. The preparation for the coming General Election is to be started.

Prakash Karat while addressing the extended state committee meeting said that the second UPA government and the Congress Party with their neoliberal policies are gradually losing its mass base. To manage the economic crisis the government is now about to put more pressure on the common people. BJP is trying to take advantage of the situation, as they have already projected Narendra Modi as their Prime Ministerial candidate. He is backed by a large number of big bourgeois power and communal power. Already Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have started witnessing communal riots and violent incidents. The Left forces are proceeding with a notion of unified struggle against neoliberal policies. We are in the process of unifying non-congress and non-BJP parties against these forces.

Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee in his speech said that the 8th panchayat election did not reflect actual people’s mandate because of the massive terror of the ruling Trinamool Congress and the state government. In spite of such a terror situation the Left forces could retain their position in some districts. In some case a marginal increase of strength has also been noticed. In this situation a sustained movement has to be organized. The unification of working class would strengthen mass protest and would constitute mass movements. The centre and state policies are on the one hand putting severe pressure on common people but also creating new issues for launching mass movements. And for this we must build our party as people want us to look like.

The Extended Meeting has decided on the following political and organizational tasks
(a)    Organize people against price rise of essential commodities;
(b)    Include all workers in organizations who worked for party in panchayat elections;
(c)    Party leadership must extend more responsibility to organize party organizations;
(d)    Acceptability to the people must be restored;
(e)    Party education must be extended to strengthen ideological development;
(f)    Campaign through party organs like Ganashakti, Deshhetaishi, etc. must be intensified;
(g)    Mass fronts have to organize their movements on current issues;
(h)    Campaign for the coming 21 municipality election has to be initiated;
(i)    Special role has to be initiated to revise voter list;
(j)    More and more book stalls are to be organized in Sharadiya festival;
(k)    Book stalls may organize poster exhibition on Birth Centenary of Communist Legend Jyoti

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