Thursday, September 19, 2013

AIDWA demands special legislation to address honour crimes

AIDWA condemns the heinous murder of a young couple in Rohtak for having married of their own choice. It demands speedy investigation and stringent punishment of the guilty.
The AIDWA also demands expedition of implementation of special legislation to address honour crimes.

We enclose herewith the Press Statement of Haryana state unit of AIDWA in this regard.

All India Democratic Womens’ Association (AIDWA) has expressed deep shock and anguish over a barbaric case of honour killing in village Garnawathi of Rohtak district. In a press release issued by Haryana state committee of Janawadi Mahila Samiti Wednesday’s heinous crime is a shame on the face of civil society.
The level of cruelty displayed in this shameful crime has stirred the conscience of all right thinking individuals. According to AIDWA state secretary Savita such barbaric crimes continue unabated and reminding of medieval period. Haryana alone has recorded dozens of honour killing incidents but nothing has been done to curb such crimes against humanity.
It is ironical that the state government and mainstream politics continue to be silent spectators due to which no strong signal goes to the perpetrators of such crimes. AIDWA had long been striving for enactment of separate legislation against honour killings. A memorandum with over a lakh signature was submitted to the union Law minister few months back and draft legislation too was submitted with the ministry. But the same was not be placed before parliaments owing to opposition by Haryana government and other regressive forces like khaps who are active in North Western region.
AIDWA demands immediate enactment of this law. It appeals all sections of people to raise their voice against such barbarity and launch united campaign. AIDWA also strongly exhorts the elders to ponder over the concept of family honour and raise questions as to what honour was being saved by killing our own children.
AIDWA demands immediate arrest of all accused in Wednesday’s episode and award exemplary punishment.

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