Thursday, August 1, 2013

On Telangana State

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:
After long procrastination and more than two years after the report submitted by the Srikrishna Committee, the Congress leadership and the UPA government have decided on the division of Andhra Pradesh and the formation of Telangana state. This decision seems to have been impelled by the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. It will give a fillip to demands for separate states in other places.
The CPI(M) has always stood for the integrity of the states based on the democratic principle of linguistic states.
The issue of the formation of Telangana will now have to be decided by parliament.
The Polit Bureau appeals to the people of all regions of the state to maintain peace and harmony while the matter is ultimately decided by parliament.
B.V. Raghavulu, Secretary of the Andhra Pradesh State Committee of the CP(M) has issued the following statement:
For the last three and half years Andhra Pradesh state has been in throes of uncertainty and confusion because of the opportunism of Congress party on the issue of forming of separate Telangana. It is a welcome development that at last the Congress party that is ruling both at centre and in the state has finally taken a clear stand on the Telangana issue. We request other parties that are speaking in double voices in both regions to at least now come out with clear statement on the issue.
Political parties should prepare to take a decision as per their respective stands in the highest forum in parliamentary democracy, Parliament, without giving any scope to rouse mutual hatred or animosities.

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