Friday, August 30, 2013

Left Front will Launch Campaign Against Price Rise: Biman Basu

The West Bengal Left Front Committee has decided to launch campaign and movement against price rise in its meeting on 27th August, 2013. Biman Basu, Chairman of West Bengal Left Front Committee, informed the reporters after the meeting that Left Front will launch intense campaign against price rise in all 19 districts of the state from 9th September to 14th September. The Left activists will organize mass meetings and will also organize sit-in and agitation programs. He further said that the price of essential commodities is abnormally high. He demanded Government intervention to check such price hike.

Biman Basu also informed the reporters about the new inclusion in the West Bengal Left Front Committee. Bolshevik Party of India became the new ally of Left Front. They were participating in the different programs of Left Front for last one year and expressed intention to be part of Left Front. Bolshevik Party of India became 11th party in the Left Front.

Biman Basu said that the Left Front and other Left Parties have already called for a rally on 1st September to observe anti-imperialist day. Lakhs of people will take part in that rally to raise voice against imperialist aggression over the world, domination of imperialism in Asia Pacific region and increasing US intervention in India. The central rally of South Bengal will be organized in Kolkata and Siliguri will host the central rally of North Bengal. Basu informed the reporters that the Left Front committee has written to the police for granting permission for the rally but till date has not received any reply.

Biman Basu further said that the West Bengal Left Front Committee has expressed deep concern for the communal threat appearing in different part of the country. Basu extended his appeal to all peace-loving, democratic people of the state to be conscious about the threat and take initiative so that the harmony and peace be maintained.

Demanding the resolution of the stalemate situation in Darjeeling, Basu said the Central and the state Governments and Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) should immediately sit together to find out an amicable avenue. The Left Front has already demanded to hold an all party meeting to address the situation. Any rigid attitude will not be congenial for the situation, he added.

The Left Front has also demanded amendment in the date allotted for correction of voter list in the twelve municipal areas which will have election on 21st September. The correction of voter list will be held in the state during 2nd to 23rd September. The Left Front has demanded that this activity should not be conducted in those twelve municipal areas during 19th to 24th September and instead be specially conducted during 25th to 30th September for those areas.

The Left Front has also protested against the sudden withdrawal of political prisoner allowance by the state. Basu demanded that it should be reinitiated immediately. He also said that Left Front has protested against bill moved in the state assembly to amend jail-code. Such change is uncalled for, added Biman Basu.

The Left Front will observe the martyrs’ day of mass movement on 31st August to pay homage to the martyrs of the food movement of 1959 in West Bengal -

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