Friday, August 23, 2013

AIDWA demands speedy investigation into the reported rape charges against godman Asaram.

AIDWA expresses deep shock and outrage over the rape of a minor reported in the newspapers on 22nd August 2013, allegedly by the self styled godman Asaram Bapu. The organisation demands a swift and fair investigation of this serious crime. According to the news reports, the minor was raped and sexually assaulted inside the premises of Baba Asaram Bapu’s Ashram. It has also been reported that the Baba’s aides were involved in and were participants in the assault. There are also reports that Asaram Bapu runs a gurukul for women in Madhya Pradesh. AIDWA further demands a thorough investigation into the ashrams and gurukuls run by the Baba's trust.

This is not the first time that criminal charges have been framed against the so called spiritual guru. Earlier, he had been charged with attempt to murder, land grab cases etc. Last year, the Baba had made derogatory and insensitive remarks about the 23 year old rape victim of the December 16th Delhi rape case. Even after coming under severe criticism from women's activists and organisations, no serious action was taken against the Asaram Bapu.

AIDWA therefore demands that the government take immediate action in the case and arrest the culprits. It is also the responsibility of the state to ensure that the Baba and his aides are not able to misuse their power and clout to influence a fair enquiry.

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