Friday, July 19, 2013

Comrade Samarda : CITU CONDOLENCE Message

Comrade Samar Mukherjee is no more. After his long journey of 100 years, through many ups and downs, stress and strains, always with the people and the toiling class in the frontline of their struggles, he passed away on 18th July 2013 after a prolonged illness. He leaves behind a indelible imprint of the eventful life of a revolutionary leader, a leader of the working class movement with a vision and determination to work for ending the exploitative system and for establishment of a new society. CITU is proud of having a leader like Com Samar Mukherjee who led the organization in various capacities including as General Secretary and contributed immensely in building the organization and movement brick by brick. With a deep sense of grief, CITU pays homage to the departed leader with the pledge of carrying forward his ideals and vision and the dream he cherished throughout his life. 

Comrade Samar Mukherjee had joined the freedom movement in his early youth and had been a member of the Pradesh Congress Committee. He joined the Communist Party in 1940 and served the Communist movement in various capacities till his death, including as a member of the Central Committee and also Polit Bureau of Communist Party of India (Marxist). Throughout his active political life he remained a valiant fighter against all kinds of deviations like revisionism, sectarianism and opportunism. He was a strong proponent for strict adherence to ideals of Marxism Leninism. He earned immense popularity and distinction as a Parliamentarian, championing the cause of the people and the toiling class in Parliament during the period from 1971 to 1984.

Comrade Samar Mukherjee was associated with the trade union movement of the country since the early days of his political life and played a frontline role in building and expanding the working class movement in the country. He was one of founding figures of CITU and had steered CITU as General Secretary during 1983-1987 and thereafter as a central office-bearer till 2007. He was popular and highly respected in the entire trade union movement, irrespective of affiliation. He played a leading role in the historic railway workers’ strike in 1974 as a leading figure in NCCRS. 

Comrade Samar Mukherjee’s life has been a living history of the Left and working class movement in India. It has also been a commentary of dedication and commitment to the revolutionary cause. He spent major part of his life in Party-Commune. His simplicity, accessibility to all and love for the working class will be remembered ever, by all.
CITU expresses heartfelt grief at the passing away of this great leader and stalwart of the working class movement and dips its flag in respect to the departed leader.

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