Friday, June 7, 2013

Trinamool Wins in Howrah, Lost Total Votes of 157,714; Disillusionment is the ‘Real’ Mandate

Left Front Achieves 4.85% Vote Increase compared to 2011 Assembly Elections

Howrah Lok Sabha by-election has shown a clear disillusionment with the ruling Trinamool Congress that resulted in a massive slide in Trinamool vote bank. The margin of 184,000 votes in 2011 election in all seven constituencies has gone down to just 27,000 votes. This proves a major setback of Trinamool Congress and their vote bank in Howrah.
This time in Howrah Lok Sabha constituency the total vote cast was 954,381 out of the total voters of more than 14 lakhs. Out of the total votes cast Trinamool candidate got 426,381 votes and Left Front candidate Sreedip Bhattacharya got 399,422. The Congress candidate bagged 96,743. BJP has withdrawn their candidate for an untold alliance with the ruling party. The margin however comes down to just 26,965 votes whereas in the last assembly election in all seven assembly segments the total margin was 184,679. The difference of margin Trinamool congress lost is 157,714.
The Left Front candidate Sreedip Bhattacharya has considered the election result quite positive and optimistic for Left Front in the coming days. ‘In the last assembly election we lost in all seven constituencies by heavy margins. But this time not only the margin comes down, the total votes in favour of Left Front have increased considerably. We have won in two constituencies also. This definitely has ensured our moral victory.
The BJP state President Rahul Sinha in a press meet has overtly confessed that Trinamool Congress has won due to the withdrawal of BJP candidate. It was not possible for Trinamool Congress to win the Lok Sabha seat without support of their voters.
This time the most important aspect of this by-election is the increase of Left Front vote. In 2011 the percentage of vote in all seven constituencies Left front bagged was 37%. But this year the favoured vote has increased up to 41.85%. The clear increase is 4.85%.
Biman Basu
People of Howrah have experienced incessant lying, false promises, and fancied concept of development in the last two years. People have already experienced the ‘so called change’ not at all beneficial for their lives, said Left Front Chairman and CPI(M) state secretary Biman Basu.
Trinamool Congress has won the seat by intimidating common voters, attacking opposition workers. The election was accomplished amid massive terror in different areas of the constituency. Left Front agents were not allowed to sit in the booths. They would not have won the election if they did not intimidate voters for seven days before election. He however congratulated the people of Howrah for casting their votes amid such a terror crisis.
People have witnessed in last two years the performance of Trinamool Congress. People of this state are now feeling deceived of the so called ‘change’.

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