Monday, June 24, 2013

SFI's call for uttrakhand relief fund collection

A colossal tragedy has struck Uttarakhand in recent days, with hundreds of lives lost (the death toll is rising everyday) and whole villages, roads and communication links wiped out. Rescue and evacuation operations are still going on in the worst-affected regions of the state, and need to be continued on a war-footing. SFI demands that the Central Government extend every help needed to the State government in relief operations.

The State Government, apart from making full use of its own machinery to provide relief to those affected, must also strive to harness and channelise the collective energy of various organisations for the purpose. It must also investigate the role that the indiscriminate tunnelling of hills by power projects and the uncleared dumps of silt had to play in this calamity. As the unfolding disaster shows, the result of a development strategy feeding upon untrammelled deforestation and unchecked construction activities has turned out to be catastrophic.

The CEC of SFI extends its deep condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives, and stands in solidarity with the lakhs of people affected. It calls upon its units all over the country to collect funds and materials urgently for relief to the affected people.

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