Tuesday, June 4, 2013

CPI(M) dharna to press their demands in Manipur

CPI (M) Manipur State Committee staged a demonstration raising 10 demands in front of FCI Godown of Imphal West on 30th May.  Besides the members, the protest was participated by sympathisers, workers and students. According to State Secretary of the party’s CPI (M) committee, they are calling for among others the execution of land reforms policies and distribution of free lands to landless people.

The other demands included provision of 35 kg of rice to each household at a rate of Rs two per kg, rectification of the wrong insertions in APL and BPL families, restriction of wrongful trading in food items and other essential items, prohibition to entry of private parties in health and education sectors, augmentation in budget for health and education and implementation of  Right to Education Act.

With regards to opening of more employment opportunities, the CPI (M) has called for enticing more private investment and lifting of ban on recruitment of state employees and immediate filling up of existing posts including htose of ST, SC and OBC, and calculation of minimum wages based on price indexes. The demonstration further called for repeal of AFSPA and other draconian laws, regulation of extortion and abduction cases along the national highways connected to Manipur and free access to movement of freight trucks and passenger buses there and establishment of a highway protection force. The left party further reiterated the demands for reservation of seats for women at both the Parliament and State Assemblies.

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