Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Two Years of TMC Government It is You Who have to Answer, Madam Chief Minister

Two years after the ‘change’ (poriborton), what is the condition of Bengal? What was the promise, what was the announcement and what have the people of this state got? Anger-tears-frustrations, have all become synonymous with the ‘change’ in West Bengal. Chief Minister has dictated the opposition to keep mum for the coming ten years. In spite of this desired embargo, the barrage of questions cannot be stopped. People are raising questions.

Saradha Scam: The biggest achievement of the TMC Government in the last two years is to create the biggest financial scam in West Bengal involving thousands of crores of rupees. The TMC leadership including the Chief Minister have been friends of the Saradha group who has usurped money of the poor people. The investigation is not being handed over to the CBI with the state police going slow on the issue. The Government of maa-mati-manush has aided in the loot of the people.
Land of suicide of the farmers and workers: The agricultural infrastructure has collapsed in the state. As a result that 85 farmers/agricultural workers committed suicide burdened with which were taken as a result of not getting remunerative prices for their produce. No job, no salary for Transport Workers: It is not only the farmers, the State Transport Corporation workers and retired employees had to commit suicide without getting salary or pension. Tea garden workers: In the tea-gardens of North Bengal incidence of death due to mal-nutrition and hunger is taking place. Why is the Administration not paying any attention to this?
Eviction of Bargadars: Of the 27 thousand landless burgadars, who were awarded patta, why is it that in the last two years 9 thousand of them were evicted from their land?
West Bengal tops in attacks against women: Rapes and molestation of women has become the norm in the state. But the Chief Minister instead of ensuring safety and security for women in the state in the most callous manner refused to acknowledge it as a problem and claimed that all such incidents were fake.
Killing of Opposition Cadres: In the last two years 93 CPI(M) and left cadres have been murdered in the state. The promise of no revenge by the CM turned out to be a sham with the TMC goons attacking CPI(M) cadres all across the state.
Intimidating Opposition: In two years only near about 8 thousand CPI(M) workers have been framed in false cases out of political vengeance. What sort of neutral administration does this portray?
No Tolerance for Dissent: Simply for mailing a cartoon a University teacher had to go to the Police lock-up. In spite of the fact that the State Human Rights Commission recommended compensation for the professor, the State Government has refused to accept it. A poor farmer was branded as a Maoist and arrested for asking a question to the CM. A student was abused and branded as Maoist by the CM on national TV for asking a question. From the Government list for libraries, the newspapers which are not of choice have been left out. In this list, the Chit Fund owned newspapers have been given importance.
No Respect for Constitutional Bodies: The Government openly challenged the Election Commission with regard to the Panchayat Elections and the TMC leadership casted aspersions at the Chief Election Commissioner. The Government has not adhered to any of the recommendations of the Human Rights Commission.
Government of Festivals: The Government is busy in huge expenditure in festivals. In the Festival of Land (Mati Utsav) only the Government has spent 6 crore of rupees. In every festival, Government expenditure is being incurred for the cut-out and political propaganda of Trinamool, agricultural departments money is also being spent in festival. Such colossal waste of public money by a Government is a matter of shame.
Wasting Public Money: The Government has no money to give the DA to the Employees where as to satisfy those who do not have a post in the Government, highly cost carrying post of cabinet secretary equivalent to minister rank was created whose job profile is not clear but what is their job.
Deceit of Singur: The Government has been deceitful in the name of returning the land in Singur. The Singur law passed by the might of two-third majority in Assembly, was declared as unlawful, unconstitutional by the judiciary. Who has deceived the people of Singur?
Throttling Democratically Elected Bodies: In order to eliminate the democratically elected representatives from the University administration the Government has framed a new law. To stop the election to School Governing body notification was issued.
Attack on Students and Educational Institutions: The Government has practically banned student union elections in the state. When the students demanded elections, a SFI leader, Sudipto Gupta, was killed in police custody. Teachers, Principals, Non-teaching staffs have been beaten up by TMC goons inside the college campuses with the CM justifying those attacks.
Denying Justice: When Damayanti Sen revealed that the incident of rape took place in Park Street, she was transferred. The Charge Sheet of the case was filed more than a year after the incident. After, Sudipto Gupta died in police custody; the CM described it as a small and petty matter and has instituted no enquiry into the incident.
Free run of TMC goons: In Bhangar Arabul’s atrocities were given indulgence by the Government. From a lady teacher being physically heckled by throwing a jug to veteran MLA Abdur Rezzak Mollah being heckled Chief Minister has rained praises on him. Whereas Governor himself commented “The State is running under total anarchy”. The incident of Shambhunath Kow, Munna, (both TMC Councillors) in brazen anti-social atrocities amounting of murder of a police inspector and usurping land is for all to see. Presidency University was attacked by TMC goons without any provocation. In many parts of the state, no other political party is allowed to campaign or have their presence which is openly pronounced by Ministers and MPs of TMC. In Bally, in the incident of TMC worker Tapan Dutta murder, his wife accused Minister Arup Ray for the murder. Wants CBI enquiry. Trinamool MLA Ashima Patra herself has been accused by the wife of a murdered TMC workers wife of being involved in the murder. The High Court has ordered the CBI to probe this death in police lock-up.
In Mahestala the TMC Chairman himself was accused of burning the hoodlums for promoting purpose.
Attacks on party offices: With the excuse of being heckled in Delhi, in West Bengal just in one and a half day the ruling party has destroyed one and a half thousand party offices and other mass organisation offices of the Left.
Lip service on Minorities: By giving emoluments to the Imams and the muazzins is it minority development? Why is it that the initiative of the Left Front Government of reserving 10 percent seats in service for under developed minorities is being left unattended without implementing in whose favour?
Attack on Panchayats: Panchayats have been crippled. Chief Minister is asking the BDO’s to contact her directly. For seven times Panchayat election has been held timely in this State. This is for the first time that a cloud has emerged over the Panchayat Election. The Election Commission has approached the Judiciary with a plea for fair election. Ultimately the court had to issue an order asking for timely elections of the Panchayats.
Slowdown in Industry: With so much pomp Bengal Leads is being staged but where is the investment in industrial sector. In 2009-10 from 9 thousand crore the investment in industrial sector has come down to 12 crore only.

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