Friday, May 31, 2013

Left Front Demands Intervention of Election Commission to Ensure Fair Election in Howrah Lok Sabha Seat

Left Front has demanded Election Commission’s intervention to ensure fair and peaceful election in Howrah Lok Sabha by-election. The terror of Trinamool Congress hooligans is increasing day by day as election is coming closer. Left Front in such a situation has therefore demanded immediate intervention of the Election Commission to conduct fair election, said Left Front Chairman and CPI(M) State Secretary Biman Basu. CPI(M) leader Rabin Deb has called on Chief Election Officer Sunil Kumar Gupta to place the same demand.
On last Monday in Bally immediate after the meeting of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Trinamool hooligans started assaulting CPI(M) workers and leaders. Local CPI(M) leader Pradip Ganguly and his daughter Anubhuti Ganguly have been assaulted by the TMC goons. Biman Basu while addressing the press on Tuesday said that ‘a section of Police administration is supporting and promoting these miscreants. We overtly condemn this brutal act and demand immediate arrest of these hooligans’. Along with Bally a vast region of Howrah Lok Sabha constituency including Howrah North, Howrah South, Sankrail, Shibpur, Panchla etc. are under TMC attack. The TMC hooligans are intimidating voters and intercepting Left workers to organize smooth campaign, complained Biman Basu. ‘We hope Election Commission would initiate necessary action without any delay’, said Biman Basu.
CPI(M) leader Rabin Deb met Chief Election Officer Sunil Kumar Gupta and categorically placed the misdeeds of Trinamool leader including the Chief Minister. Rabin Deb said that the Chief Minister has violated the model code of conduct by putting up fresh promises to the voters of Howrah Lok Sabha. The Left Front candidate Sreedip Bhattacharya has submitted allegations to the observer and Police Commissioner about the TMC terror in Howrah.
Rabin Deb alleged that the Chief Minister has violated 6(c) of the Article 7 of the model code of conduct of the Election Commission where it is clearly written that after the announcement of election no new project, essential public service project, and promise would not be announced or inaugurated. But the Chief Minister has already done it. She also intimidated CPI(M) overtly in a meeting. The Government has already advertisements that includes Howrah Improvement Trust ad, salary hike of Panchayat workers etc.

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