Thursday, May 16, 2013

CPI(M)'s tribute to Asghar Ali Engineer

CPI(M) today condoled the death of Asghar Ali Engineer, describing him as a pre-eminent fighter upholding the secular democratic foundations of the country.
Sitaram Yechury, Member, Polit Bureau, sent the following condolence message at the death of Asghar Ali Engineer:
"I express my heartfelt condolences at the death of Asghar Ali Engineer a pre-eminent fighter upholding the secular democratic foundations of the Indian Republic who had fought tirelessly against religious fundamentalism. Engineer dedicated his entire life combating communalism and helping riot victims. He tried to reform his community from 'within' and was subjected to social boycott, which he had faced bravely. He stood for gender justice and women's rights, particularly the rights of Muslim women.
Engineer was a writer/activist who wrote and worked extensively for inter-community harmony and had countered the arguments of Hindutva forces that sought to typecast Muslims and Islam. His death is a loss to all the forces fighting communalism and religious fundamentalism. I convey my deep condolences to his family members and large following of sympathisers.
The Central Executive Committee of the Democratic Youth Federation of India expresses its deep sorrow at the passing away of Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer. Engineer, 73, died today morning at his home in Santa Cruz after a prolonged illness.
Engineer devoted his time and energies to work for communal harmony and combat communalist forces in the country. He never believed in blind acceptance of dogmas inherited from the past but strived to rethink issues in keeping with modern times. His was a prominent voice for communal harmony after the demolition of Babri Masjid and the 1992-93 Bombay riots.
The CEC of DYFI while reiterating its strong commitment to the cause of secularism, communal harmony and social justice also conveys its heartfelt condolence to his son, daughter and other relatives.

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