Wednesday, May 1, 2013

CPI(M) Demands Safeguard of the Interests of the Depositors

CPI(M) State Committee demands that the interests of the depositors who have been affected by being lured into the chit fund trap be safeguarded. After the state committee meeting on 29th April, in a statement issued, it was said the State Committee has taken a decision of standing beside those depositors who have been affected in this time. At the same time the State Committee has demanded the appropriate punishment of all those culprits who are associated with this Saradha scam.
Polit Bureau member Nirupam Sen presided over the State Committee meeting held in Muzaffar Ahmed Bhavan on this day. In the statement it was stated that a major part of the common people in this state have been affected by being cheated after falling into this Chit Fund trap. How people have been affected in the districts, state committee members discussed about it. The nexus between the ruling party and the Chit Fund has come to surface. State Committee has decided that at this time to stand beside the depositors. The Left oriented farmers, workers, youth, student; women organisations have launched movement demanding the safeguard of the interests of the depositors. At the same time the State Committee has also demanded appropriate punishment for those culprits who are associated with this Saradha conspiracy. According to the suggestions of the State Left Front, the State Committee supports holding of conventions by the Leftist student-youth-women organisations with the demand of looking after the interest of the affected people.
In the state committee meeting a vivid description of the voracious attack carried out by the Trinamool Congrees from 9th April onwards, has been placed by the districts. The CPI(M) and other Left Front party offices have been subjected to violent attacks. Many offices have been destroyed, loot and arson is continuing. Different offices of Left oriented mass organisation offices have been broken. A planned attack on people in the villages was organised. From the reports received from the districts, it is evident that the attacking battalion had pre-planned the attacks. In the protests meeting held against these attacks, a large number of people participated.
An uncertainty has risen over holding of the Panchayat Election. After discussion of the members of the State Committee, in his conclusion State Secretary Biman Basu has said, in demand of timely holding of the Panchayat election movement has to continue with people’s participation. In no way can organisational preparation for the panchayat election be slowed down. Adjustment of seats within the left front is almost complete. Whatever little is left has to be completed. Preparation has to be taken for election in the 13 municipalities.
It has been said in the statement, that the CPI(M) Central Committee has called for a nationwide movement in demand of food security and 6 other demands from 15th to 31st May. In West Bengal this movement shall be organised effectively.
Condolence: The state committee from its 11th session expressed its deep mourning in the death of student leader Sudipta Gupta. In the condolence message it has been stated that student leader Sudipta Gupta having taken part in the law breaking movement on the 2nd of April in Kolkata, was assaulted in police custody after being arrested, which resulted in him being killed. The meeting vehemently condemns the comment made by the Chief Minister after the sad demise of the 23 year old bright student leader to hide the responsibility of the police, firstly calling it an accident and then calling it a small and petty incident and demands judicial enquiry into the death of Sudipta. It expresses its deep grief to the father of Comrade Sudipta, his family members, friends and fellow workers.
State Committee also expressed grief at the sad demise of veteran Communist leader, Party’s Darjeeling District Secretariat Member and a great leader of the movement of tea garden workers Comrade Biren Basu.
State Committee also expressed its grief at the death of Bani Dey, mother of youth leader Amit Dey who died of cardiac arrest due to anxiety and anguish when out of sheer political rivalry innocent Leftist workers in Siliguri were put to behind bars along with his son. It also expressed its grief at the death of veteran CPI(M) worker Comrade Jahangir Mistry who died on 24th March being attacked by culprits in Joynagar in South 24 parganas. Condolence was read out in the name of others also who have died in recent past. It also expressed grief at the death of Rita Das on 25th April who died after falling from the train due to excessive crowd on the 31st of March, on the day of the TET exam conducted by primary Education Board in which lakhs and lakhs of Examinees were subjected to disorder and chaos. It expressed grief for those who were compelled to end their life due to poverty on the lack of effectiveness on behalf of the Government.

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