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Violent and reactionary disruptions are condemning democracy in West Bengal

10th April 2013

The Delhi incident of assaulting the state finance minister of West Bengal in the haste of an ongoing protest campaign in front of the Planning Commissions office demanding judicial probe for the custodial death of SFI leader Sudipto Gupta received all out criticism from the party. Yet the reactionary politics of the West Bengal CM has shown its bare face all over this state. It was the CM to address the killing of Sudipto as a ‘petty matter, small matter’; the unfortunate reaction of her resulted in such a mishap that took place in Delhi. By not digging deep in to the argument of CM’s insistence to ignore administrative direction to access a definite entrance and whether  the situation would never had occurred if she would have followed the security proposals Delhi administration.

Reactionary politics of the CM continued after the Delhi incident too, after the unprecedented mishap the CM had threatened and insisted reactionary agenda by saying that she would ‘show the CPI (M)’ of whatever she and her party is capable of. From then on a whole frightened state is witnessing ‘whatever she and her party TMC’ is capable of.

Party Offices under attack:

Capabilities extended from ransacking and vandalizing to set fire at the CPI (M) party offices all over West Bengal. This was one sort of reaction surfaced by the ruling party condemning the Delhi incident.

West Midnapore:  Midnapore Town and Debra Zonal office, Local Committee office of Loada, Party offices of Bharatpur, Daspur 1, Keshpur, Chandrakona, Dantan 2, Belda got attacked and vandalized by TMC goons and hooligans.

East Midnapore: Zonal office of Egra, Local and branch offices of Mahishadal, Batkunda, Gopalchak, Haldia, Gopiballavpur 2, Ghera got severely ransacked. The TMC miscreants and anti-socials set fire to at least 15 houses at Gopiballavpur area.

Bankura: Taldangra Zonal Committee office and local offices of Birrada, Harmasra, Panchmura and Sardakan got vandalized by TMC supporters. There was armed attack at the Taldangra office.

Nadia: Hanskhali and Bijpur Zonal offices got attacked by TMC criminals. Fulia, Kalyani, Goespur, Palbagan, Garulia, Kankinara, Kachrapara local offices and branch offices got totally ransacked by the TMC hooligans. Ganashakti borad of Atpur was broken parts by the ruling party supporters.

Purulia: The district committee office of Namapara was vandalized by the TMC goons in front of the police. A party whole timer, Sekh Raju got brutally attacked in that incident.

Burdwan: City Center and Steel city Zonal offices Durgapur got vandalized. Local and branch offices of Budbud-Galsi, Sagardanga, Dhobighat, Jhanjra Old Coloney, Gogla, Pandabeswar, Kalna, Barabani, Rupnarayanpur and Memari got ransacked by TMC goons. A large number of party supporters and local public got beaten at incidents in Memari and Durgapur.

Birbhum: Suiri Zonal office and Kirnahar Local office got severely ransacked by the TMC miscreants.

North Dinajpur: TMC goons attacked Islampur Sadar local office and vandalized. They set fire at the banners and martyr stand demanding justice for SFI leader Sudipto’s custodial death.

Jalpaiguri: Kumargram party office got attacked.

Coochbihar: Coochbihar South, Tufanganj and Sitalkuchi Zonal offices got attacked. Natabari 1 and 2, Deocharai, Krisnapur, Balrampur, Chilakhana local offices got vandalized by the TMC miscreants in numerous reported incidents of violence. At least 46 party offices have been attacked by the goons in last 24 hours.

Darjeeling: Few TMC supported anti-socials had shown violent agitations in front of the District Committee office at Siliguri last night. 10000 people and CPI (M) supporters joined in a rally to condemn the violence in the Siliguri town. Today the anti-socials accompanied by other TMC supporters unleashed severe violence in the party office and adjoining areas. Police ordered further lathicharge on the party supporters this evening.

South 24 Parganas: Baruipur, Bhnagar and Gangulibagan Party offices got attacked and vandalized by the goons of TMC.  
North 24 Parganas: Several acts of violence and office attacks have been reported in the Barrackpore area, party offices at Naihati and Gobardanga got vandalized by criminal attacks. Flex and banners paying homage to Martyr Sudipto Gupta were not even left by those hooligans.

Party Leaders Attacked:

1] The TMC goons attacked the Harirampur, Balurghat party office and vandalized severely. There they attacked Part District Committee Secretary and State Committee member Manabesh Chowdhury. Former Minister of the state Narayan Biswas also got attacked in the same event along with Minati Ghosh, the district secretary of Democratic Women’s Federation. Manabesh Chowdhury was taken to the Harirampur hospital from where he has been transferred to the Balurghat state general hospital for further medical interventions.

2] Another such event was reported from Bhangar where TMC hooligans attacked the car of State committee member Rejjak Mollah.

3] Same sort of situation occurred when the TMC miscreants attacked the car of former minister of the state and State committee member Sudarshan Roy Chowdhury.

Educational Institutions under Attack:

In this ongoing episode of government sponsored terrorism throughout this state the ruling party sponsored hooligans has shown no mercy to the esteemed educational institutions too.

Presidency University: The supporters of student organization of the TMC broke into the Presidency University campus. They forcefully entered and unleashed severe violence in the campus. They vandalized the Bekar lab, a heritage place of birth of new sciences in this state where dignitaries like Acharya Jagadish Bose and Prafulla Roy had worked. The anti-socials used plenty of slangs and wildly gestures to the female students of the university. The students who protested got severely injured by the TMC hooligans. The students have called up on for a day long strike in the campus tomorrow. The professors, the Registrar and the Vice Chancellor of the university condemned the attack aloud.

Netajinagar Women’s College: TMCP supporters forcefully entered and vandalized in the Netajinagar women’s college. Few of the students are reported to be attacked and teased by the miscreants.

These are just the glimpses of the violence and reactionary disruptions prevailing throughout this state. The CM and her party are leaving no resort where regular democratic practices can peacefully be observed. To condemn an unwarranted event she and her party are now condemning democracy.

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