Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thousands Join in Funeral Rally of SFI Leader in Kolkata

Thousands of protestors joined in the funeral rally of Comrade Sudipta Gupta, SFI leader who was killed on Tuesday in police brutality. SFI leader’s body was taken to his home and his former college in Netaji Nagar in south Kolkata after post mortem. Then the body was taken to SFI state office in A. J. C. Bose Road where hundreds of students, youth and people from all walks of life were waiting for hours. Left leaders including Biman Basu, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, Surjya Kanta Mishra, Ashoke Ghosh paid their tributes to the departed young comrades. Amidst slogans, student activists vowed to continue their fight against the authoritarian State Government. A huge rally then marched towards the crematorium.
Meanwhile, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had gone to the SSKM Hospital on Wednesday where Gupta succumbed to his injuries but instead of criticizing the police action, she said that it was an accident and that many supporters of her own party were also killed while travelling on train roof. She instantly faced protest from the SFI supporters after making the statement and the latter alleged that the CM guarded the police department and there was little chance that the guilty would be punished.
The family of the slain student leader refused to accept help from the chief minister. "We are not beggars," said Gupta's emotional father.
West Bengal witnessed another gruesome attack on democratic rights which cost this young life. SFI leader Sudipta Gupta was killed in a brutal police attack on SFI activists in Kolkata on 2nd April. A member of SFI West Bengal state committee, Sudipta was brutally beaten after arrest and died on his way to jail in police custody. He was 23, just completed his MA in Political Science from Rabindra Bharati University. Sudipta was a frontline organizer, a member of Kolkata district secretariat of SFI, popular among students and friends, with a skilled voice of singing.
Four Left students’ organizations called for a law breaking programme to protest the draconian decision of the State Government banning all students’ union elections in the state. Thousands of students marched from College Street and assembled in Rani Rasmoni Road in Kolkata and expressed their anger against the Government action. They moved forward defying police lathicharge. Hundreads were arrested and taken into private buses under police custody. They were taken to Alipore Jail. On the way to jail, police started to beat the arrested SFI activists in a bus. Some of the SFI activists fell from the bus, Sudipta being one of them. He was grievously injured bur was not spared by police. According to eye witnesses, Sudipta was beaten even after he fell down from the bus. Sudipta suffered a serious head injury. In fact he was so roughly beaten that his head and face were fractured severely. SFI activists rescued him and police put the injured SFI leader in a police jeep. The jeep brought him to SSKM hospital but after delaying for about 15minutes. He was admitted in the hospital but expired after few hours.
Many other SFI activists suffered injuries. The right hand of Sheikh Jogesh Hossain of Murshidabad was badly injured and he has undergone an emergency operation in Kolkata medical College Hospital.
Kolkata police, in a surprise action, called a press conference even before Sudipta’s death and offered the theory of ‘accident’. According to them Sudipta hit a lamppost while in bus. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee legitimized this police version even after SFI registered a formal complaint against the police.
This brutal attack caused an outrage throughout the state. SFI and other left students organizations hold demonstration and processions throughout the state. Thousands participated in the funeral rally of the departed comrade. A statewide students strike was observed on 4th April. Teachers’ organizations condemned the killing.
Meanwhile, Left Front demanded a judicial enquiry of the incident. Left Front called a strike in southern parts of Kolkata, where Sudipta lived on 4th April.
Sudipta Gupta is 93rd martyr of the left movement in West Bengal after TMC Government came into power.

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