Friday, April 19, 2013

Govt must come out with facts on spurious drug supplies in Jammu Kashmir

Statement issued by the J&K State Committee, CPI (M)
The CPI (M) express serious concern over the day-to-day disclosures of scams and other administrative irregularities in Jammu and Kashmir. Keeping aside the factional political considerations involved and the blame game between the heads of the departments, the government must order a thorough probe in these shocking leaks for the larger public interest.

The level of corruption and financial mismanagement in the state administration has reached to distressing low. The Committee believes that the people are shocked by the recent reports about spurious drugs carried by the print and electronic media. The cases of corruption surfacing regularly in the media unfortunately reflect a pattern and the height of vested interest.

Be it the corruption and irregularities in PHE and Irrigation Department that grabbed the attention of both the Houses of Legislative Assembly in its recently concluded session, or spurious drugs being supplied to hospitals; it seems, scams are tumbling out every day. By now, the government should have come out with the facts on these issues of utmost importance. To the contrary there is not even a proper statement from the government on this subject. It is also ironic that there are reports that even an official included in the list of suspects is part of the departmental investigation in the spurious drug scam. The scars of infant mortality at valley’s lone children hospital were fresh in the minds of the people and now the spurious drugs supplied to them have further refreshed these scars.

The silence on part of the government on this crucial issue is further adding to the doubts of people that there is a deep rooted nexus. In order to clear these aspersions, the government must come out clear on the subject in the best interest of public. There is also a need for necessary and effective steps to be taken to bring down the level of corruption by strengthening the monitoring and vigilance in the government departments. Rampant corruption in the administration has alienated the people in Jammu and Kashmir to the hilt. If the government is serious in its promises to weed out the corruption in the state; there is an urgent need to strengthen the already existing institutions of probity and accountability in the system.

Almost all programs initiated by central government are not delivering the desired results. Government of India has repeatedly censured the state for its failure to implement MNREGA and other centrally sponsored schemes.

The recent revelations made by the CAG informing that the Jammu and Kashmir Government has failed to submit 2,931 Utilisation Certificates amounting to over Rs 2,118 crore to the Centre is also disappointing. The State Committee of CPI (M) believes that such lacklustre attitude will affect the flow of funds to the State in future. This needs to be looked into for the welfare of people.

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