Saturday, March 23, 2013

Huge Rally at Ramlila Grounds Calls for Mass Struggle for Alternative Policies

 CPI(M) calls for wide spread movement to establish the six fundamental demands raised for the people. In a massive rally on 19th March at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi it announced a programme of Dharna or sit in demonstration with civil disobedience in the districts, blocks offices across the country from 15th to 31st May keeping the demands in forefront of land, food security, employment, Right to education and health, equal rights for women. The movements are to be launched from people’s gathering. If necessary one will court arrest also, announced CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat. This is but the initiation of a bigger struggle for implementation of alternative policies aimed at the betterment of the people. The thousands and thousands of people gathered in the heart of the capital resolved to launch a non-stop united struggle with other Left Parties across the country. The rally marked the convergence of four Jathas from across the four corners of the Country that traversed about 10,000km distance. The top leadership of the CPI(M) led these Jathas from various parts of the country. It started on 24th February from Kanyakumari with the Southern Jatha. In between 14th to 16th March the four Jathas reached New Delhi. After this was this gathering. The motive behind this Sangharsh Sandesh Jatha was to explain in front of the people about the necessity of struggle to establish the alternative policies. To carry the message of struggle to the masses. As CPI(M) Polit Bureau member said in this rally that people want struggle. People want to be a part of the struggle. At the call of the CPI(M) people had gathered in the heart of the capital as a part of the struggle and had left with the news of struggle.
In the gathering, the President of the meeting Prakash Karat in his commencing speech at the very onset made it clear about the very purpose of the meeting by saying when others are thinking about the forth coming election, this meeting is not for vote but for struggle. At the beginning of his speech he said in this gathering the bidi workers of solapur, the land labourers of Bihar-Uttar Pradesh are there and the toiling masses are there. This is the real India.
Prakash Karat said gradually the state of the toiling masses is worsening. The land of the farmers are being taken away, there is no food security, lakhs and lakhs of youth remain unemployed, there is no scope for education and health for all, atrocities on women is increasing. The central policies are for the multimillionaires; it is being framed for the benefit of the richest. All the assets of the country from land-factories-mines are being handed over to the multimillionaires. Due to the policies of the Government, prices of commodities are rising. In this year’s Central Budget there has been curtailment on subsidies on things, which are of use to the common people. Subsidies on petroleum product have been curtailed. After decontrol, the price of petrol has risen 21 times. The price of diesel is now going to rise every month. The farmers of this country are in trouble but Government subsidy is being curtailed. From 1999 onwards 2lakhs 90thousand farmers have committed suicide. The Government is unperturbed. Now by allowing 100 percent foreign investment in retail business, the livelihood of four crores of retail businessmen is going to be endangered.
He said unless the UPA Government can be removed from its seat, the condition of the people will not change. What is the alternative? The BJP is walking in their path of same liberalization policies, pampering the national and international capital. On the other hand they are competing with Congress in corruption. In recent times The BJP Chief Minister of Karnataka has been jailed for illegal mining corruption. BJP’s Narendra Modi’s Gujrat model is being talked about but what actually is this model that the multimillionaires know very well. They are being given land for no cost, electricity with no surcharge, tax benefit. So that they can ensure more profit. Gujrat is lagging behind in education-health. Gujrat is in the forefront in child malnutrition. The minorities have been awarded a second-class citizen status. This model will cause the downfall of the country.
Karat said that the only option against these policies of liberalization is to fight for the cause of the alternative policy. Through the mass struggle of poor, labours, farmers, youth, women, tribals a strong alternative policy has to be framed. The non-congress, non-BJP parties have to think whether the condition of the poor people can improve without an alternative policy. They should come forward but whether they come or not CPI(M) along with other Left Parties will continue with the fight for an alternative policy.
CPI(M) Polit Bureau members, Sitaram Yechury, Biman Bose, Brinda Karat, Manik Sarkar also addressed the gathering.
The huge gathering of poor people under the banner of the red flag in the heart of the capital will take back the message of struggle to all the parts of the country. In the coming days the struggle of the poor for the alternative policies will spread to the nook and corner of the country. That is the message of the huge rally at Ramlila Grounds, New Delhi.

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