Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Land of Punnapra Vayalar And A Thousand Struggles Welcome the Sangharsh Sandesh Jatha

Alappuzha, the land of the historic Punnapra Vayalar and innumerable struggles against feudal landlordism and imperialism, was all decked up to receive the Sangharsh Sandesh Jatha on its third day. Alappuzha was home to historic struggles of various sections of the working class and peasantry, which have been a mainstay of the advance of Communist Movement in Kerala. It is due to these struggles that land to the landless becomes a reality. Tens of thousands of comrades thronged the route of the Jatha to welcome it with the same revolutionary fervour.

As the Jatha entered into Alappuzha District, district leaders along with a huge gathering greeted the Jatha and felicitated the Jatha leader and team members. A procession of vehicles with hundreds of red volunteers on bikes led the way and people lined on both sides of the roads welcomed with slogans, flowers, salutes and the traditional vedikkettu (fireworks). Nearly a lakh people braved the hot sun and humid weather enthusiastically cheering the Jatha leaders and listened to the leaders in rapt attention.

The meeting was addressed by Polibureau member, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, M.A.Baby, Sudha Sundaraman, Vaikkom Viswam, LDF Convenor, Thomas Isaac and others. Veteran communist leader and hero of Punnapra Vayalar struggle P.K.Chandranandan felicitated the Jatha leaders. S. Ramachandran Pillai garlanded him and greeted him warmly.

G.Sudhakaran, MLA welcomed the gathering. Addressing the gathering S. Ramachandran Pillai hit out at the ruling classes and charged that the policies of the current union government are being drafted and guided by the USA. The India-US CEO Forum set up in 2005 and the Indo-US Knowledge Initiative in agriculture have been dictating economic policies and agricultural policy of our country he said. He pointed to the interefence of the corporates, influencing even who should become Ministers. He criticised the government for mortagaging the sovereignty of our country.

Pointing out that due to the new economic policies pursued during the last 20 years, the troubles of common masses have multiplied manifold, he said the ruling classes have completely failed. “Their only concern is corporate interests. Lack of housing, health facilities, education, employment opportunities, and social security are some of the ills that are plaguing our country. The economic policies of Congress and the BJP and other parties aren’t aimed at helping the struggling majority of Indians”.

This Jatha is spreading the message of struggle and seeking to build the broadest possible unity against the anti-people policies, divisive forces and against caste oppression, corruption and gender discrimination. “With a positive agenda of change, demanding a solution to the problems of the common people of our country, the Jatha will move forward”. He called upon people to join the struggle for alternatives in large numbers.

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