Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kolkota protest against pervasive anarchy in WB

The city of Kolkata today witnessed an unprecedented gathering when more than hundred thousand people marked protest against pervasive anarchy, incessant attacks on common people and left workers, massive deceleration in all developmental aspects of the state of West Bengal in a meeting called by the Kolkata District Committee of CPI(M) at Shahid Minar Maidan. The gathering was so huge and committed that Shahid Minar Maidan remained insufficient to accommodate all.
The gathering sharply marked protest against:
· Complete lawlessness and antisocial practice in the state; · Deceleration in agricultural growth and increasing farmer suicide; · Zero industrial investment and intimidating existing industrial bodies; · Growing tension in North Bengal; · Huge drainage of public resources; · Constant intimidation from the Government against people’s rights;
All District and State Leaderships of CPI(M) were present in the meeting. The Kolkata District Secretary of CPI(M) Raghunath Kushari presided over the meeting.
Biman Basu
While slamming the UPA-II Government In his speech the Left Front Chairman and CPI(M) State Secretary Biman Basu reiterated the purpose of the meeting and invited the mass to mark the two-day strike on 20th and 21st of February a grand success. Stressing upon the anti-people decisions taken by the central UPA Government causing deregulation of oil prices, cascading price hike in all essential commodities, FDI in retail consumer sector etc all 11 Trade Union organizations called the two-day strike. Criticizing the State Government also on this issue Biman Basu said that this present TMC State Government though having propagating against the above decisions is doing the double standard by opposing the strike.
On a common and often mediated criticism against strike that it would cause harm to the daily wage workers, Basu said exemplifying Maruti agitation issue that the Delhi based factory first retrenched the daily wage labourers which became an instance that daily wage workers are the worst sufferers. So the strike would stand by these workers and not oppose them.
On state question, Biman Basu expressed serious concern about the decelerating agricultural growth of the state. In this Boro paddy cultivating season, he said, just 6.75 lakh Hectors of land has so far been cultivated out of total 15 lakh Hectors of land. So, he concerned, disaster will occur if within 10 to 15 days the whole land is not cultivated by the end of this season. He commented that ‘the urban will not sustain by depriving the farmers’. So a newer series of struggle is necessary to prevent continuous farmer suicide and lowered of growth of agriculture.
On the Panchayat question, Basu said that the new CM to BDO formula will not work and this would invite a further deadlock in the system. Elected Panchayats are not allowed to work properly that causes a serious harm in rural developmental works.
He however has given an alert to the party workers and leaders to maintain the dignity of language.
Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee
The former Chief Minister and CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee also expressed concern about the future of the present whole Young Generation in the state if no industrial investment comes and the education system as a whole suffers in the tenure of this TMC Government.
The present socio-economic crisis also persists in the city along with the whole country. We have some handful people extraordinarily rich and known to the world also, whereas the rest of people are in the darkling poverty where market rules the order and the system for the affluent people. The Central Government is not ready to provide subsidy anymore on essential commodities including oil prices that causes serious harm to the poor and lower middle class people.
Talking on the state situation, Bhattacharjee reiterated that the state ministers including the Chief Minister is performing gimmick politics even in this crisis situation instead of handling it properly. Just to hit their photographs in the newspaper they are roaming in the market. Will such stunts lead to curb down the prices of food items? We however, a month ago, launched a mass signature campaign to mark the protest against the price hike and for the Food Security. The Kolkata District only has collected a list of 12 lakh signs, which is doubtlessly a commendable effort. We however would submit it as memorandum to the UPA Government soon as a true mark of the protest.
Talking on the industrial situation of the state Bhattacharjee expressed concern about the future of the young generations in the state. The industries were coming in the state during Left Front regime; which resulted in the generation of 80,000 jobs in five years. Now where would they go? Again outside Bengal? The education system also is suffering a lot. Education environment in colleges is now facing a serious crisis.
The transport situation in the state is just deplorable condition. Even after the fare revision busses are moving in adequate number. Workers and pensioners are not getting salaries regularly. The power situation also appears to be the same where the price hits a sharp rise. The State Government is responsible to this price rise. This should not sustain for long.
Having coupled with these crises in the state the growing concern is the anti-social practices of the local hooligans across localities. Some anti-social activities are really not new in the state but this has become the order of the society now. Where these miscreants are getting impetus from? Actually the State Government is not willing to curb down the tension and hooliganism. They all are of common opinion that ‘we have formed the Government’. State Ministers are all heading all Sharodotsav (Durga Puja) Committees expropriating millions of money from citizens.
The worst sufferers are now the women of our state. They witness that offenders and indulgers are all heading the Government. We must protest and resist them perpetrating the crime. The cultural environment of the state is now facing serious question.
Surjya Kanta Mishra
In his short speech Surjya Kanta Mishra said that the Chief Minister has to react on issues ranging from Trident Lamp scam to her painting selling issue wherefrom she has earned crores of money to, according to her, fund the campaigning for the coming panchayat election.
Criticizing the ‘Mati Utsav’ and other misdeeds of the Government, Mishra said that the industrial investment has gone down to a miserable situation where the deceleration has occurred by 98% compared to the Left Front regime.
Md. Salim
While slamming the Government and TMC autocracy, Md. Salim said that autocracy does not spare anyone; hits every agent of the system and society. The Trinamool Congress is basically ruining the aura of Bengal Politics by giving not only false assurances to identities like Gorkhas and others in jungle mahal and many others but commenting atrocious activities against women as a ‘fabricated case’.
People have witnessed the first 20 months of the Trinamool Congress led Government that what atrocity is. From Auto drivers to Hawkers, who once have taken TMC flag in hand, people have already experienced unprecedented expropriation of funds and physical assaults.
CPI(M) State Secretariat Member Rabin Deb said that the Government and the Chief Minister are celebrating ‘Mati Utsav’ after bloodsheding the soil.
The Leader of Opposition in Kolkata Municipal Corporation Rupa Bagchi while slamming the Government said that the last two and half years the KMC witnessed a series of corruption incidents ranging from Trident Lamp scam of Rs. 30 crores, which even the Chief Minister has given the clean chit, to all other developmental programmes. The Mayor is hiding himself by accusing DG-Lamp of KMC.
The former Minister and CPI(M) leader Manab Mukherjee criticized the Government by saying that the situation of today basically has proved the Left Front Government right. It is true from Singur to Shalboni where the fortune of West Bengal got the first blow.

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