Thursday, February 28, 2013

Historic Victory of Left in Tripura

P B Statement
The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) warmly greets the people of Tripura for electing the Left Front to a historic fifth successive term in office. With this reelection, the seventh Left Front Government will be formed in Tripura.

The Left Front has won a sweeping victory getting 50 out of the 60 assembly seats. This is one more than the tally of 49 won in the previous election. This victory is a resounding endorsement of the performance and policies of the Left Front government.

The Polit Bureau congratulates the CPI(M) state committee and the entire Party of Tripura for this splendid victory.

SFI CEC Statement
“People of Tripura give a resounding verdict in favour of the left and the democratic forces”
Central Executive Committee of the Students’ Federation of India salutes the people of Tripura for yet again giving a resounding verdict in favour of the left and democratic forces with left getting 50 seats out of the 60 member assembly, which is 1 more than the last time.
 This victory comes in wake of the vitriolic gang up of all kind of political forces right from the secessionist forces, ex-feudal landlords and rajas; with congress party piggyback riding this opportunist alliance. This victory is testament of the pro-people government model, in the neo-liberal times when governments are busy facilitating profits for the corporate. This victory will also give a strong message to the para-trooped leaders like Rahul Gandhi, who have no connection with the ground realities of the country. Far from the wishes of the likes of Rahul Gandhi, who want to wipe off left from the country, today left is more relevant than ever. At a juncture when the current neo-liberal model is increasing the inequalities and misery, the struggle is for an alternate set of policies and that is why the Tripura victory assumes such significance.

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