Sunday, February 3, 2013

CPIM West Bengal State Committee appeals for a Bigger Struggles

CPI(M) calls for organizing a bigger struggle consolidating people against incessant attacks on democratic rights by the ruling party and the state government. Party State Committee after the two day meeting has given the call. In a statement issued to the press the party state committee stated that the radical difference has to be drawn from the present Trinamool government by mentioning important contributions and successes of the Left Front government. To establish the consolidation of working class and poor people a relentless campaign against communal and separatist forces has to be launched.

The two day state committee meeting ended with an above note of future programme. Party Polit Bureau member Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee presided over the meeting. The meeting widely discussed about the preparation of imminent panchayat election, intensifying political organizational impulsion and mass organizations etc.

Party State Committee while supporting the call of All India General Strike by all trade unions employee federations on 20th and 21st February has also appealed to the people of the state to extend their support to the two day strike. The meeting stated that strike calls for betterment of the lives of working people. Various peasant organizations also supported the strike. The state committee has also appealed to the caller trade unions and organizations to broaden some sectors and aspects of lives beyond the strike particularly on 21st Februrary to celebrate the International Mother Language Day. The day has traditionally been observed in West Bengal with a special dignity.

The CPI(M) has decided to organize rallies campaigning the burning problems of the lives of common people in all corners of the country. The problems include price rise and food security issue, all pervasive corruption issue etc. The state has decided to organize such a rally marking the above protests on coming 25th February. A rally would enter the state on 25th February which is so far scheduled to meet Kolkata on 1st March. The rally will reach the Jharkhand border on 3rd March. Finally on 19th March a central meeting will be organized at Ramleela Maidan where delegates from West Bengal will also attend.

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