Thursday, December 27, 2012

SFI in forefront of movement against retrograde religious practices in Udupi

Press Release of SFI CEC

SFI activists along with the activists of the broader left democratic movement today stormed into the Car Street of the Udupi Srikrishnamatha temple at Udupi, protesting against the caste discrimination in the food which is served in the temple and the retrograde practice of ‘Made Snana’. There were violent clashes between the police and the protesters, in which several protesters were injured in the lathicharge. Along with 300 other protesters, 40 SFI activists were also detained by the police; including Comrade Hulli Umesh, CEC member of SFI.

‘Made Snana’ is a discriminatory and irrational practice in which persons belonging to lower castes roll over the plantain leaves containing the leftovers of the food served to the Brahmins. Facing wide criticism, the priests replaced it with ‘Ede Snana’, in which the plantain leaves contain the food given as Prasad in the temple. While the name is changed, the logic of caste based discrimination remains central to the practice. Baseless argument is being given in support of these practices, that it is a part of the Tuluva and Dravidian Culture. 

SFI rejects this logic and vows to continue to participate in movements against such retrograde and discriminatory religious practices in the days to come. CEC salutes the Karnataka state committee for playing a leading role in the ongoing agitation in Udupi.

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