Sunday, December 23, 2012

SFI call to Observe 24th December as Black Day throughout the country

 The outrage against the gang rape and brutal torture of a medical student in Delhi has lead to a wave of protests which refuses to die down, even after shameless Police repression as seen yesterday in Raisina Hills. These protests unlike a coherent demand reflect the outpour of people from various sections action the continuous rise in the crimes against women throughout the Country.

While the anger refuses to die down, Delhi Police and the state government are shamelessly patting their own backs over the fact that they have been able to arrest all the culprits. The root of the matter on the other hand lies in the systematic failure of the state and the law enforcing authorities in providing safe public spaces for Women, who are everyday challenging the patriarchal setup. Since last 3-4 days, the protests have intensified not only in the capital, but throughout the country. The response of SFI’s All India Protest day was also overwhelming across the country.

Today morning when the SFI, along with other leftist mass organizations were having an agitation programme in Delhi, there were brutal lathi-charge and tear gas firing, by the police on the rally, without any sort of intimidation. Several protesters got severely injured, including Comrade Sunand, member of the central executive committee of SFI.

SFI strongly condemns this atrocious measure taken by the police and calls out for a Nationwide Black Day tomorrow (Monday, 24.12.12) in all campuses across the country an a week long agitation campaign against violence on women.

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