Saturday, December 22, 2012

Left Front have Started to Prepare for the Panchayet Election with Out-and-Out Unity : Biman Basu

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Left Front have Started to Prepare
for the Panchayet Election with Out-and-Out Unity

Biman Basu

Left Front have started to prepare for the Panchayet election with out-and-out unity said Left Front Chairman Biman Basu addressing the press after the conclusion of the meeting of the West Bengal committee of Left Front. He further said that the Left Front would set forth to district level discussions and meetings for achieving overall left unity for the Panchayet election, to attain unity; repeated bilateral meetings would be undergone within the parties of Left Front; discussions may extend to the sub divisional or block level even.

Basu said to the press that the Left Front has discussed on the preparation of the Panchayet election and organizing the electoral force, Left Front would thrust on the issue of broader unity based on the previous experiences. He informed that Left Front had asked to complete all district level discussions for election specific organization by the last week of January 2013. Left front is ready to face election at any point of time as the state government is trying to observe the election as soon as possible.

On the issue of unity among the left political forces Basu said that on the 2008 election; the Left Front allies competed among themselves with over six thousand seats and there were incidents of standalone candidature too which had their worse impact on the aggregate result of Left Front. He further stated that events like those are utter failure of all the allies of West Bengal Left Front. The issue of seat allocation has to be sorted out in district level discussions said Basu. He emphasized that the allies of Left Front have been informed to carry on their independent programs and joint campaigns parallel to manage the political vitality.

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