Sunday, December 16, 2012

International forum of communist parties begins in Moscow

December 15, in Moscow, in the hotel complex "Izmailovo" started an international forum "The communist movement today and tomorrow." It is attended by the leaders of the communist parties of Brazil, China, Greece, India, China, Cuba, Lebanon, Portugal, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. The Russian delegation was headed by Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, GA Zyuganov.
"Roundtable" led Secretary of the Communist Party, the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma International Affairs Committee Leonid Kalashnikov. 
"Today we are completing preparations for the XV Congress of our party and invite all communist forces - said the leader of the Communist Party. - I am glad that many of you have already responded to our invitation." GA Zyuganov said that in the year of the Congress of the Russian Communist Party will celebrate 20 years. "We are the best traditions of the Communist Party, but have been working in other circumstances: the opposition. We have a vision of how to build renewed socialism" - said Gennady Andreyevich.
The leader of the Communist Party, to form and timely modernization of its political program of the party regularly participates in international forums and meetings, actively cooperating with all the communist and left-wing parties in the world. "We recently sent to China for training a group of our young politicians and journalists. They saw what a huge effect give it economic reforms", - said G. Zyuganov.
Goes on in the Communist Party, and advocacy. "We have released a few films of our best experiences in today - said Gennady Andreyevich. - We have also introduced a bill on people's enterprises. This form of management was born in the Soviet Union and went around the world. Today there are many companies in China, Vietnam and India. "
In addition, according to GA Zyuganov, the Communist Party was released two films from the experience of brotherly Belarus, "where the socialist foundations of life have largely been saved."
Another topic raises the Russian communist leader - is approaching a new world economic crisis.
"The global crisis, which has already got a hole almost 200 countries, covering over the world, and, in my opinion, worsen in the next year", - said G. Zyuganov.
Prepared to meet him, according to the leader of the Communist Party, the Communist and left-wing forces to use the best international experience and jointly develop new tactics of the struggle for socialism. "The left turn is almost inevitable," - said Gennady Andreyevich.
"If we look at how the world is struggling with a crisis, we observe interesting patterns - continued Russian communist leader. - The highest GDP growth rates in the years showed China under the Communist Party - an increase of 10-12 percent in many areas, has shown good results socialist Vietnam. As we see success stories come from those countries that have effective system of state regulation of the economy. "
On the other hand, as noted, GA Zyuganov, the western world, led by the U.S. has successfully stuck in a crisis, and out of these countries also have to look in the left-reform. "Obama in the United States is trying to cancel the privileges of the rich, introduces social security, actively funding public education ... The united Europe is trying to put a muzzle on bankers and support government programs, decisions which are of a socialist character," - said the leader of the Communist Party,
"We see that those who proclaimed yesterday the stability of liberal values, has assured that American liberalism was defeated," - concluded Zyuganov. As noted, GA Zyuganov, completing his speech, the Communist Party is ready to fill the ideological vacuum created by the crisis of capitalism. To do this, the Communist Party, in particular, held a plenary session in which formulated the new models of the ideological and theoretical work. Concrete measures to combat the economic crisis, according to the leader of the Russian communists, were announced at the last before the All-Russian Congress of the labor collectives. Zyuganov urged foreign comrades see the results of the Russian Communist Party.
Then the leader of the Communist Party handed the leaders of the world Communist movement commemorative medal "In commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the USSR." Communist Party of the Russian Federation at the "round table" as represented by First Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, the first vice-speaker of the State Duma Ivan Millers and secretary of the Communist Party, the State Duma deputy DG Novikov.
As a result of the "round table" will be separately released transcripts of speeches of the participants. The forum will run until December 16.

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