Sunday, November 25, 2012

SFI CEC press release

The SFI CEC organised a Press Conference  at SFI Central Office. The Press Conference was addressed by General Secretary Ritabrata Banerjee and President V Sivadasan.

Press Note
The Central Executive Committee of Students’ Federation of India met in New Delhi on 22nd and 23rd of November.  THE CEC decided to organise a massive March to Parliament on 6th of March, 2013 protesting the neo liberal designs of the Central government and the monumental attacks it is spearheading against the common man of the country in general and the student community in particular in the name of carrying  ‘reforms’. The Central Demands of the march will be –Increase spending for equitable access to Quality Education; Resist Commercialisation and Centralisation of Education; Ensure Democratic Rights. The CEC decided that in order to conduct extensive campaigns at the ground level it will be publishing a booklet explaining the dimensions and consequences of the attack and demands concerning the march. Seminars, conventions at all states will be organised by 15th of January. Signature campaign and other state level agitational programmes will be organised. Before the march there will be state level gatherings throughout the country. The entire three month long campaign will culminate with an impressive gathering on 6TH of March at New Delhi with students in large numbers from different parts of the country pouring in at the capital and marching to the parliament.
The CEC decided to organise Convention for Professional, Technical and Private Institutions students in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala on 5th and 6th of January, 2013.  The CEC also decided to organise The Girls Convention at Shimla, Himachal Pradesh in June and the University Students Convention at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh in July, 2013.

The CEC congratulated the Tamilnadu state organisation for a successful conduction of our 14th All India Conference at Madurai in September 2012.

The CEC also congratulated the Kerala Committee for its stupendous performance in all the University Union elections of the state amidst all sorts of obstacles.

 The Andhra Committee was also congratulated for the victory registered at the Hyderabad Central University Union elections against a united opposition of all shades and hues.

 The CEC expressed its revolutionary solidarity to SFI Central Secretariat member and state President of Himachal Pradesh Kapil Bhardwaj who have 58 false and fabricated cases filed against him. The state administration of Himachal has been the mastermind behind such attacks.

 The CEC also expressed its revolutionary solidarity to CEC member R S Balamurali OF Kerala who along with 16 other comrades was in Jail for the last three weeks. Comrade Balamurali could not attend the CEC meeting as he was in jail. The UDF Government has been extremely sincere in piling one after another false cases and charges against our comrades in Kerala.

The CEC expressed its steely resolve to stand in firm solidarity with the struggling Bengal comrades who are facing an unprecedented attack from the state administration and the Trinamool Congress in Bengal. A nationwide campaign in solidarity with the comrades of West Bengal where the democracy is in peril will also be conducted in this period.

The CEC decided to form a Cyber Space Sub Committee in order to utilise the cyber space at full length for campaign purpose. Comrade Aravind Kunjunni from Kerala is appointed as the incharge of this subcommittee.

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