Sunday, November 11, 2012

People’s Democratic Right in Panchayat to be Restored: CPI(M) West Bengal State Committee

CPI(M) will fight for people’s right to run their own panchayats; this would be the prime agenda of the party in coming Panchayat Elections. The CPI(M) West Bengal State Committee Meeting has resolved that the party would participate in Panchayat Election with this agenda.

In a statement issued to the press the Party State Committee stated that the meeting widely discussed about the preparation for panchayat election. Party Polit Bureau member Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee while expressing concern stated that the processing is on to curb down the people’s democratic power and right to run their panchayats, what the Left Front Government had ensured earlier in its regime. This would be menacing to the panchayati system in our state. The party would therefore fight for the people’s right in coming panchayat election. The ruling party is already trying to hold the election earlier before the scheduled time. Come what exertion of power may the party would combat the election resisting that. Also the poor working class women are to be organized to take part in this election.

Party State Secretary Biman Basu in his speech stated that the political significance of this panchayat election is to safeguard democracy and to reestablish the long tradition of left movement in the state. The political equivalence is also to be established in this election. Organizing poor people in vast rural areas would be the prime task to make a complete unified ‘Left Front’ before election.

Left Front would organize an open rally on 17th November in Kolkata against the series of attacks on women in the state. Basu averred that all sections of people are to be organized to combat attack on women. All Left mass organizations on a joint effort would transform this rally in a huge mass meeting.

The State Committee has also supported the all India General Strike on 20-21 February jointly called by all trade unions. The party would initiate all effort to succeed the strike, stated Biman Basu.

The meeting however discussed about the political situation in the districts and progress of the party organizations there. Biman Basu later stated that Party Committees have to be activated more. Functions of local and zonal committee members are to be properly evaluated to improve considerably.

The Party Secretary Prakash Karat elaborated the decisions taken by the Central Committee and recent political situation also. He stated that the Central Government is taking bold steps on behalf of both internal and foreign capital. Hike in petro-price, deregulating cooking gas, approval of FDI in retail sector, disinvesting profitable public sector industries, deregulating fertilizer price, de-subsidizing food are the anti-people steps taken by the Central Government. The scams and corruptions of Congress and BJP are being exposed in these days. Left parties have decided to launch movement against neo-liberalism.

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