Saturday, December 31, 2011

CPIM Rajasthan State Conference

Communist Party of India Marxist Rajasthan State Conference ahead of the 20th Party Congress to be held at Kozhikode in April 2012 was held at Ringus in Sikar from 27th Decemeber to 30th December. The Congress began with a huge rally in Ramlila maidan in Ringus which gave a clear picture of the increasing strength of the party in the State. The important think to note is the huge participation of women and children in the rally despite of the  severe climate conditions. One interesting fact is that the participation in the rally was more than the total turnout during L K Adwani's recently held meeting as part of his rath yathra. The Rally was inaugurated by Com. Prakash Karat. He called upon the people to forge a Third front against the Congress and BJP in the state. CPIM Central Secreteriate member Com. Hannan Mullah, State Secretary Com. Vasudev Sharma, CC member and MLA com. Amra Ram spoke on the ocassion.

Later the delegate session was also inaugurated by Com. Prakash Karat. State Secretary Com. Vasudev Sharma placed the Organisational - Political report for discussion. 216 Delegates were present in the session. On the final day of the conference 31 member State committe with two new faces were elected. The Committe elected Com. Amara Ram, Hariram Chouhan, Ravindra Sukla, Hetram Beniwal, Falchand, Dhulichand, Prembharathi, Sumitra, Rameshwar Varma as the State Secreteriate and re elected Com. Vasudev Varma as the State Secretary.  

The State conference also decided to carryforward the struggle for water from Indira Canal and decided to hold a mass rally in February at Ganganagar raising this issue. 

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